Flickr corresponded to multiple languages, but restrictions are imposed in Germany and Korea

YAHOO! Although the image sharing service "Flickr" offered only by the English version, it was supposed to correspond to 7 languages ​​including German and French. According to Flickr's survey, 55% of the users were users from outside the United States, so it was a long-awaited multilingual response.

However, apparently it seems that service is limited in some countries.

Details are as follows.
Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing

The top page is as usual, but there is a "Choose a language" menu at the bottom and you can select Traditional Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian and Portuguese ing. The site is not separate.

It is such a feeling in each national language. Chinese.








And finally I corresponded to multiple languages, but some Yahoo! It seems that SafeSearch can not be turned off by access from ID.

Flickr: Help: Content filters

SafeSearch is a kore. Users restricted from Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea. For the convenience of each country's law, it seems that it is not good to see only safe images.

Flickr and Yahoo! are Flickr and Japanese versions, though Japan is cooperating and preparing.

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