Google translation is added to Wikipedia's translation tool aiming to share all knowledge on the earth

Wikimedia Foundation, which manages Wikipedia with the aim of sharing all "knowledge" which is the wealth of mankind online, announced that Google Translate was added to the translation function that Wikipedia can use. It is expected that knowledge will be shared even in rare languages by making Google translation of translation software which is said to have the best translation accuracy available as an editing tool of Wikipedia.

You can now use Google Translate to translate articles on Wikipedia - Wikimedia Foundation

In the world, more than 7000 languages are used. However, about 300 languages have been used as documents in Wikipedia, a huge online encyclopedia that is a place to share knowledge, and it is said that it can cover only 4% of the total. For example, even in Arabic with 420 million speakers, only 3% of the Internet content is available, and in Zulu with over 12 million speakers, only a small part of the content It seems that it is the current situation that it is not published on the Internet.

by Pernilla Rydmark

Wikimedia, which aims to provide free knowledge to everyone in the world, continues to strive to remove walls separated by languages, in which translation tools play an important role. Wikipedia's article editor can use the " content translation tool ", and the editor is used as a pre-editing starting point to firstly grasp the contents roughly in its entirety.

In the content translation tool, support of multiple translation tools such as Apertium supported 106 languages, but a new Google translation was added. Thanks to the addition of Google translation, 15 languages including Hausa , Kurdish , Yoruba and Zulu are additionally supported. Google translation is provided free of charge by Google and Wikipedia articles edited using the Google translation tool are handled in the same way as other articles.

About addition of Google translation tool Wikipedia has released a page that answered frequently asked questions "Content translation / Machine Translation / Google Translate".

Content translation / Machine Translation / Google Translate - MediaWiki

According to it, personal information of editors using the Google translation tool will not be collected by Google. To respond to concerns about information gathering by Google, Wikimedia says that you can destroy the Google Translate usage agreement at any time and states that the term of the contract will be re-evaluated at the end of the contract in one year.

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