Machine translation still has problems as a translation tool for Wikipedia, which reduces the reliability of Wikipedia itself

Wikipedia, which aims to share the “knowledge” that is the property of humanity online, there is a disparity in the quantity and quality of articles between the English version and other versions. `` Machine translation '' is expected to fill the gap, but at the present time, rather than getting good results, `` Machine translation has become a problem and the reliability of Wikipedia itself has decreased, '' The Verge reports.

Wikipedia has a Google Translate problem-The Verge

Wikipedia aims to make knowledge freely available around the world, but there are 5.5 million articles in the English version , while 15 out of 302 languages have over 1 million articles There is only. There are 187 languages with articles “ Human ” and only 99 languages with articles “ Happiness ”.

In order to eliminate this gap between languages, the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia in January 2019, added Google Translate as a translation function that can be used with Wikipedia.

Google translation is added to Wikipedia's translation tool aiming at sharing all knowledge on the earth-GIGAZINE

Log in to Wikipedia, click 'Beta' from the tab at the top, and check the 'Content Translation' check box, the Google Article Translation translation function will be turned on. Using 'Content Translation', you can create Wikipedia articles based on machine translation from another language.

Before Google translation, there was a machine translation compatible with Wikipedia, but Google translation was expected to have excellent translation accuracy. However, even Google translation is not enough for machine translation, resulting in various problems and discussions.

Skynet Today ”, a news article about AI, is the article titled “Can AI translate better than humans? No, AI can't even be a human partner!” Explains the point. According to the article, if AI has learned once with `` U.S. President Obama '', it is difficult to overwrite `` U.S. President Trump '' learning, and the text written about music is called `` metal '' For example, AI translates words as “metal” and AI cannot determine words that can be translated from “common sense”.

Has AI surpassed humans at translation? Not even close! Skynet Today

According to The Verge, even if there is news that 'AI translation is at the same level as human translation', it is limited to results from limited tests. According to an administrator of Wikipedia, the English version of 'Village Pump' was written as 'Village Village' in the machine-translated Portuguese version. Another administrator commented on the issue: 'Some people think Google Translate is perfect, but it is clearly wrong. Machine translation is not a substitute for learning the language.'

In addition, as a problem of machine translation introduction in Wikipedia, it is cited that there is a difference in translation ability among translators using machine translation. When creating an article using machine translation, the translator needs to check each sentence in order to create a meaningful article. However, Girierme Morandini, the administrator of the Portuguese version of Wikipedia, said, `` It is common for users to post articles translated by machine translation as it is, '' and the machine created that way The reliability of articles left to translation is 'disastrous'.

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It seems that the reliability of Wikipedia itself has declined as a result of posting many sloppy translation articles that were left to machine translation. Morandini said, “In Brazil, where Portuguese Wikipedia is used, Wikipedia is considered unreliable.” In addition, the Indonesian Wikipedia community has officially requested that the Wikimedia Foundation remove the automatic translation feature from Wikipedia, but the Wikimedia Foundation does not seem to meet the request so far.

Most of the users interviewed by The Verge take a method that combines manual translation and machine translation, and say that they use 'machine translation only when examining the meaning of a specific word'. Also, all of the interviewed users agree that 'Machine translation cannot be a useful technique for translating articles on Wikipedia because it cannot understand human sentences'.

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The Verge describes a series of problems: 'For editors who post articles on non-English versions of Wikipedia, machine translation is more of a curse than a blessing.'

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