The manufacturing cost of Apple Vision Pro, which has a list price of approximately 530,000 yen, is approximately 230,000 yen.

Apple Vision Pro, a headset-type device released on February 2, 2024, costs $ 3,500 (approximately 526,000 yen), which is about seven times the price of the same headset-type device Meta Quest 3. Masu. Economic media CNBC reports that the manufacturing cost of Apple Vision Pro is $ 1,542 (about 232,000 yen).

Apple's Vision Pro: Why it's so expensive

Here's how much it costs Apple to make the $3,500 Vision Pro - 9to5Mac

According to CNBC, research firm Omdia estimates that the manufacturing cost of Apple Vision Pro is $1,542. The most expensive component used in Apple Vision Pro is a micro OLED (organic EL) display manufactured by Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing with a resolution of 3800 x 3000 pixels per eye. According to Omdia, each Sony micro OLED display costs $228 (about 34,000 yen), and since each Apple Vision Pro has two, it costs $456 (about 69,000 yen). Become.

This micro OLED display is extremely small, with pixels said to be the same size as red blood cells . Wayne Rickard, CEO of Terecircuits, a manufacturer of display lumber and technology, said, ``The micro-OLED display in Apple Vision Pro is revolutionary because it is much denser and smaller than the OLEDs used in TVs. That's a thing.'

The second most expensive component after the display is the main processor. Apple Vision Pro is equipped with Apple silicon M2 chip and R1 chip. The R1 chip is a chip that specializes in processing input from cameras, sensors, and microphones, and can display images on the display within 12 milliseconds. The combined cost of the M2 chip and R1 chip is estimated to be approximately $240 (approximately 36,000 yen).

Other costs include $150 (about 23,000 yen) for the 14 cameras in total, $120 (about 18,000 yen) for the body machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, and an external OLED for EyeSight. The display is $70 (about 10,500 yen), 2 pancake lenses are $70, the battery is $20 (about 3,000 yen), the 3D sensor is $81 (about 12,000 yen), 12GB of RAM and 512GB of RAM. The storage cost is 50 dollars (about 7,500 yen) and the assembly cost is 130 dollars (about 19,500 yen) per unit.

CNBC asked Apple for comment, but Apple declined to comment. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at an earnings call in February 2024, ``From a price point of view, Apple Vision Pro is packed with incredible technology. 5,000 patents and built with many innovations that Apple has spent years developing, from silicon to display to AI and machine learning.'' This suggests that it is a manufactured item.

The $1,542 is just the manufacturing cost, and it also includes research and development costs, packaging costs, marketing costs, and Apple's profits.

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