Understand about the inexpensive '6.1 inch LCD iPhone' though it is a big screen Summary

Mr. Min Qi Kuo, an analyst with a reputation for Apple-related forecasts, predicted that there are three models of the new iPhone that will appear in 2018, has long since appeared, " iPhone with 6.1 inch LCD display "9to 5Mac of overseas media summarizes the information which has become obvious so far.

Roundup: Everything we know so far about the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone | 9to5Mac

◆ Design & Size <br> 6.1 inches iPhone, which is expected to appear newly, is located halfway between 5.8 inch iPhone X and 6.4 inch iPhone X Plus in terms of size.

According to the circuit diagram flowing out from the supply chain, the body size of the 6.1-inch iPhone appears to be 150.91 mm in length × 75.72 mm in width × 8.47 mm in thickness. The size of iPhone X is 143.6 mm in length × 70.9 mm in width × 7.7 mm in thickness, and the size of iPhone X Plus, which is also expected to be released in 2018, is 157.53 mm in length × 77.44 mm in width × 7.85 in thickness mm. If these pieces of information are correct, the 6.1-inch iPhone will be slightly thicker than the smaller iPhone X.

The following image is a mock-up of 3 models of the new iPhone that will be released in 2018, based on the circuit diagram. From the left is 6.1 inch iPhone · New iPhone X · iPhone X Plus in order.

As you can see from the mockup photo, the 6.1-inch iPhone adopts the same bezelless design as the iPhone X, so the bezel that was on the top and bottom of the home button and display is completely gone. However, in order to adopt the "face ID" of the face authentication function like the iPhone X, a cutout (notch) can be seen at the top of the display.

Also, as with other iPhones, it is said that there is a high possibility of adopting a glass panel on the back, but it is unknown whether the wireless charging function is supported or not. In addition, although iPhone X and iPhone X Plus use stainless steel for the metal frame part, the 6.1-inch model is estimated to adopt aluminum to reduce manufacturing costs.

◆ Display: iPhone X / X Plus and iPhone 6.1 inches with some minor differences in design, the biggest difference is thought to be the display. OLED (organic EL display) is adopted for iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, but liquid display is planned to be adopted for 6.1 inch model like iPhone 8/8 Plus.

According to Mr. Chi Kuo, the 6.1-inch model will be equipped with the same TFT liquid crystal display as that adopted by the iPhone 8/8 Plus. However, it is estimated that the pixel density will be on the order of 320 to 330 ppi, considering that the pixel density of 5.5 inch iPhone 8 Plus was 401 ppi, in the 6.1 inch model the resolution is about the same as iPhone 8 (1334 × 750) I think that it will become.

About the difference between the organic EL display and the liquid crystal display, 9 to 5 Mac writes that "If you compare it side by side, the difference will be noticeable, but the difference will be incomprehensible for average consumers." In addition, it is rumored that the 6.1 inch model does not have " 3D Touch ".

◆ A12 chip
TSMC, Apple's partner company, reports that it has already begun mass production of chips, making full use of 7 nm process manufacturing technology for the 2018 iPhone lineup . This processor is highly likely to be called "A12" following "A11 Bionic" which is installed in iPhone X etc.

However, it is not certain whether the A12 processor will be adopted for the 6.1 inch model. This is because Apple may continue to use the A11 Bionic on the iPhone X / 8/8 Plus with the 6.1 inch model and aim for cost reduction.

For the memory (RAM), the 6.1-inch model is expected to adopt the same 3 GB as the iPhone 8 Plus, which is slightly less than 4 GB of iPhone X / X Plus. However, since the 6.1-inch model adopts liquid crystals and the resolution is lower than iPhone X / X Plus, 9 to 5 Mac writes, "I do not think it will make such a big difference as the overall performance even if the memory is small."

◆ Charging - In addition, there is a possibility that minor changes may occur on the charging surface. On the 2018 model iPhone, the USB A terminal of the Lightning cable for charging becomes the USB Type-C terminal, and it is tough when the USB A plug of the USB adapter is replaced with that of the USB Type-C. The reason for this is presumed to be that Apple plans to say good-bye to the Lightning connector in 2019 and move to USB Type-C.

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◆ Camera
In iPhone X / X Plus, the same dual camera as iPhone X that appeared in 2017 was adopted, and you can enjoy portrait mode. However, it is estimated that a single lens camera similar to the iPhone 8 will be adopted for cost reduction in the 6.1 inch model. In other words, in the 6.1 inch model portrait mode etc. can not be used. As detailed specifications, it is said that "12 megapixel camera and optical image stabilization function are installed".

◆ Price - By eliminating the three elements of dual camera, 3D Touch, organic EL display, the 6.1 inch model will be offered to the market as "entry model iPhone". Mr. Kuo predicts that the 6.1-inch model will be sold between 600 and 700 dollars (about 66,000 to 78,000 yen), but in the past it will be about 550 dollars (about 61 thousand yen) I have also commented on it.

Release date - According to the information Mr. Quo obtained, the 6.1 inch model is more difficult to mass produce than iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. Still the 6.1 inch model is estimated to be released in September 2018, along with the new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

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Compared to iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, there is no functional superiority in the 6.1 inch model, it is safe to say that only the price is a deal, but still Mr. Quo says "The 2018 model iPhone has a 6.1 inch liquid crystal display The model predicts that it will account for half ", and many users will jump on cheap large screen iPhone.

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