How much is the cost of Google Glass to make 150,000 yen?

Limited day sale was held on April 15,Japanese translation of applicationIt is Google Glass which started full-scale for general sales, including being done. The selling price on April 15 was $ 1,500 (about 153,000 yen) without tax, but it is expected that the cost price of the price is unified.

Google Glass Teardown

Report: Google Glass parts make up 5.3% - throughly $ 100 - of $ 1,500 price tag | Ars Technica

TeardownMade a bill of materials (BOM) and examined it, "The cost is 79.78 dollars (about 8100 yen)" was concluded. This is only 5.3% of the selling price, many people were surprised, but Google's PRThe Wall Street Journal"It is not a fact" and denied it.

This is the BOM published by Teardown.

The main board which disassembled Google Glass is like this.


Touch pad board.

Teardown in 2013A report that explodes Google Glass thoroughlyBut at that time I did not clarify the estimate of the cost.

A report with a thorough disassembly of Google Glass appeared, what are you stuffing in? - GIGAZINE

The prediction made by Teardown this time is that the 5 megapixel camera is $ 5.66 (about 580 yen), the processor is $ 13.96 (about 1400 yen), the 16GB NAND memory is $ 8.18 (about 840 yen), the touch screen type High PPI glass is $ 3 (about 300 yen). As for the glass, the forecast of cost is divided,The China PostAl Cowsky, who had made a cost estimate, said, "A device of 10 cent coin size is used for display, plus a simple projection device , As a whole the glass says it is roughly $ 5 (about 500 yen). "

This prediction is "LCOSNotTFTCowsky who is re-examining now, "If you purchase 1000 pieces of LCOS, the price per piece is 30 dollars (About 3000 yen), but it seems that the price per one should be low if large companies like Google purchase in large quantities. "

Also,OMAP 4430Although the price fluctuates according to the order as well, Cowsky is confident about the expected price of RAM, camera, and other parts, and even if considering the price of display and packaging, the cost is 90 to 95 dollars ( It is said that it sees that it fits within 9200 ~ 9700 yen). Note that this is the cost of purely used parts and it is not taken into account how much expenses were spent on research and development, so it can not be said that "cost is 5.3% of selling price" It is not something.

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