Tesla sues Swedish government for ``obstructing license plate delivery''

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Tesla has sued PostNord and the Swedish Transport Agency at the District Court in Norköping, alleging that `` PostNord , the Swedish postal service, obstructed the delivery of Tesla vehicle license plates during the strike.''

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IF Metall, the Swedish metalworkers' union, cited Tesla's refusal to enter into collective bargaining agreements with service sector employees, including technicians and mechanics who repair and maintain customers' cars and repair and maintain them. We have been on strike since the end of October 2023. As part of this, PostNord employees boycotted the delivery of Tesla license plates to the factory. This has forced Tesla to temporarily suspend sales of new cars in Sweden. According to the Swedish Transport Agency, due to the country's regulations, car license plates can only be delivered to PostNord.

Regarding the boycott of Tesla car license plate delivery in Sweden due to a strike, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, ``This is insane.''

Following the strike, Tesla filed a lawsuit against PostNord and the Swedish Transport Agency. In its complaint to the Swedish Transport Authority, Tesla claims that ``[the Transport Authority] has a legal obligation to provide license plates to vehicle owners.''

According to the complaint, Tesla delivered 9,167 vehicles in Sweden in 2022, and in 2023, the company's SUV Model Y became 'Sweden's best-selling car.' According to Tesla's vehicle production and delivery report released on October 2, 2023, the company delivered 435,059 cars worldwide in the third quarter of 2023 (July to September). Masu.

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Tesla is asking the court to order the Swedish Transport Authority to 'secure license plates for Tesla vehicles that are registered in accordance with the Regulations on the Registration and Use of Vehicles.'

Regarding the strike by Swedish workers, Tesla also said, ``The license plate delivery boycott amounts to a discriminatory attack against Tesla that has no legal basis. There is no other explanation than an attack.'

Mikael Andersson, head of media at the Swedish Transport Agency, told the Swedish news agency TT News Agency : ``So far we can only confirm information from the media. We have not yet confirmed the complaint.'' We don't know how Tesla is arguing or reasoning, but we will ultimately answer from our perspective.'

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