UPS announces an electric truck that is likely to appear in science fiction movies, planned to start in 2018 with this design

A freight forwarding company "UPS" announced a delivery truck that runs only with electricity without using any fossil fuel. The design that the rectangular box just became a truck as it is the atmosphere that it seems to appear in a near future SF work, but in the latter half of 2018 it is actually to start running in the city of London and Paris in this form.

UPS will pilot these adorable electric trucks in Paris and London - The Verge

The new truck released by UPS is a British technology company "ArrivalIt was realized by partnership with. With a 35 modular battery installed, it is possible to run 240 km with one charge and it is possible to reduce the driver's burden by installing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS: advanced driver assist system) I will.

UPS has cooperated with Arrival from 2016 and has been considering vehicles of various sizes. UPS has already run 300 electric trucks and 700 hybrid trucks, and since 2009 it has invested $ 750 million (about 82 billion yen) for the development of vehicles equipped with high-tech technology and alternative fuels It is said that it was.

By the way, the delivery truck of UPS widely used abroad is like this. You can see that the same design taste is included in the new electric truck.

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"UPS has been cooperating with Arrival with a vehicle that can alleviate dependence on fossil fuels in the UK This pioneering collaboration," said Luke Wake, general manager of UPS vehicle engineering around the world, Is a great force to develop a way for UPS to reduce emissions ". UPS is investing in vehicles that use alternative energy even in regions other than Europe, and in December 2017 we had ordered Tesla's electric truck "Semi" for 125 units.

UPS, Tesla electric truck "Semi" order 125 units Order larger than PepsiCo | Reuters

In addition, Arrival is promoting joint development of vehicles besides UPS, and there was a case where the prototype of the vehicle was also announced also for British postal company "Royal Mail".

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