Personal helicopter of 8 rotor & hybrid planned to sell at a cheap price of about 20 million yen "SureFly"?

UberAlthough competition for flying personal mobility development is actively being carried out as a beginning,SureFly"Is a realistic machine scheduled to be sold at a low price of 200,000 dollars (about 22 million yen). It is a relatively inexpensive SureFly, but it has become a hybrid machine that can supply power with both engine and battery.

SureFly | Workhorse

SureFly is a small helicopter with two people under development, developed by Ohio-based Workhorse. The maximum speed is 70 mph (about 112 km / h) and the maximum flying altitude is 4000 feet (about 1200 m).

Unlike a helicopter, there is no tail rotor. Instead, rotate the two propellers in opposite directions for each arm with a dual rotor to prevent the aircraft from rotating and control the attitude.

Basically, SureFly gains power to rotate a rotor by moving a generator with a gasoline engine. However, in preparation for an emergency engine trouble, 7.5 kWh lithium ion battery is installed in each arm, and it is possible to land by flying for about 5 minutes by battery drive in case of emergency. Furthermore, in preparation for the inability to fly which lost power completely, it is said to have a parachute that can slowly land the aircraft.

The seat is bisate. In the future it seems to assume flight by automatic driving.

Aircraft lightly using carbon fiber, weight capacity weight 1,100 pounds (500 kg) 400 pounds (180 kg). In addition, if it is a general American family, it is said to be a size that you can park in the garden.

It is also possible to collapse the arm.

You can check the SureFly test machine which was first demonstrated at the Paris Air Show 2017 in the following movie.

(8) Paris Air Show 2017: The Surefly personal helicopter - YouTube

The price of SureFly is assumed to be less than 200,000 dollars (about 22 million yen), and in recent years,Helicopter whose price is fallingAmongst the inexpedibilities in it. On the official website reservation reception is accepted with a deposit of 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen).

The first flight of SureFly will be held in CES 2018, an international trade fair held in Las Vegas, USA until January 12, 2018. Workhorse also had FAA flight permission, but unfortunately weather I was fortunately canceled. WorkhorseBBCI'd like to do a virgin flight as soon as possible.

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