Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft combining features of airplanes and airships, will fly first

The world's largest hybrid aircraft, which is bigger than a super-large jet aircraft "Airlander 10"Succeeded the first flight test at the Cardington airfield in Bedfordshire, England.

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The test flight of Airlander 10 was scheduled for mid August 15 (Monday) in Japan time, but it was said that it was postponed several times due to "technical problems". Eventually the problem was solved around 3:40 am on Thursday, August 18th, and we successfully took off from the Cardington airfield.

Airlander 10 with a total length of 92 meters, an overall height of 26 meters, and a width of 43.5 meters is a super-large airliner with a total length of 73 meters and a total height of 24.1 metersAirbus A380Larger than. Still, it can be manufactured at 25 million pounds (about 3.26 billion yen), much cheaper than the Airbus A 380 at 287 million pounds (about 37.4 billion yen) at the catalog price.

Airlander 10 was originally a reconnaissance plane for the US military "LEMV"Although it was developed as a project, development projects have been torn down to reduce defense costs. As Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) purchased LEMV purchase and reassembled it was able to fly for the first time as "Airlander 10". Detailed details are in the following article.

The world's largest aircraft "Airlander 10" planned to test flights within 2015 - GIGAZINE

Because Airlander 10 has a cargo loading capacity of 10 tons, it has not only the function as a reconnaissance aircraft but also the ability to transport people and cargo. According to HAV, Airlander 10 with airship features emerges using helium, and it is designed to be much safer than traditional aircraft. It is about 148 km / h even in the strong wind, if the wind is calm, it can fly at maximum at about 160 km / h. Also, he can stay in the air for about 5 days with manned flight. According to HAV, 10 Airlanders 10 are expected to be manufactured by 2021.

The fact that Airlander 10 is actually making the first test flight in fact can be seen from the following movie.

Airlander 10 First Flight - YouTube

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