A huge airship "Aeroscraft" jointly developed by NASA and the US Department of Defense

AerosA massive airship for transportation that the company is developing jointly with the US Department of Defense and NASA "Aeroscraft". At the moment a prototype with a total length of 79 m and a weight of 16 tons is being prepared for the test flight, eventually an airship capable of transporting 66 tons of baggage at a total length of 137 m will be made. It has great potential as a means of transportation in the future.

Company - Aeroscraft

The completed projection diagram is here.

Since Aeroscraft does not require a runway in takeoff and landing, it is also possible to carry supplies to small islands and disaster areas not only for military use but also for infrastructure development. Aeros' development team is anticipating that it will also be used for industrial wind turbines and other transportation which were difficult to carry because of the huge size,HindenburgIt is also considered to use it as a luxurious passenger boat flying like.

Conventional airships andHybrid airshipBecause it depends on helium, the problem was that it was difficult to keep the aircraft lighter and lower on the ground when loading down. However, Aeros realizes stable flight by developing a unique control system called internal ballast control system. It will be possible to transport with 1/3 of the fuel of regular cargo aircraft.

On January 2, 2013, Aeroscraft moved on the ground for the first time by piloting from the cockpit. The actual moving image is released on YouTube.

Aeroscraft moving - YouTube

And the first test flight took place on January 12th and we successfully hovered in the hangar in Tustin, California.

A state seen from behind.

It is expected to become "an innovative transportation solution in the next 100 years" as an airship that made it possible to carry high cargo loading capability and long distance flight / vertical takeoff and landing.

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