Clearly that Facebook will run a test flight of a huge Wi-Fi drone of a passenger plane size in the summer of 2015

Facebook is advancing development "Flying Wi-Fi Station"Although it is a drone for Internet connection as a result, it was revealed that a test flight with a full-size fuselage will be carried out around the summer of 2015, following a small tester.

Facebook, Moving Ahead with Drone, Plans Test This Summer - Digits - WSJ

This aircraft is an experimental aircraft of drone for providing Internet connection service by Facebook which had been clarified that it is already under development and test flight by a tenth size experiment machine executed in early March 2015 Finish, go on to the next step. On Facebook, the concept of providing an Internet environment to people who are "isolated" from the Internet world, which is said to be from 1 billion people to 2 billion people by sending radio waves from the sky, skipping this aircraft to an area where the Internet environment is not yet ready Has been announced.

"Leo" means "AquilaAlthough the details of the aircraft, which is also known as "aircraft" is not so clear, the size is reported as 165 feet (about 50 meters) in length, which is equivalent to large aircraft even for general aircraft Size to do. On the other hand, the weight is said to be 350 lb (160 kg), which shows that it is designed to be large and lightweight. The following image is a forecast of the aircraft that was announced in the past.

Jay Parikh, vice president of engineering at Facebook, said, "It is a huge fuselage, a huge project, it will be something we never used," said Drone, who used this size fleet, I am talking. The aircraft has become a mechanism to fly using the power of the solar panel built in the wing, and in recent years the system having the performance satisfying this level has developed satisfactory things.

Regarding the concept of delivering the Internet environment from the sky, it is clear that Google is pursuing similar projects. At GoogleUse 180 satellitesSimilar to Facebook and FacebookBase station using droneWe have announced the idea of ​​what is currently most emphasizedUsing a balloon to fly the base station over the air, becoming a telecommunications carrier himselfProvide Internet environment "Project · Rune(Project Loon) "is said to be.

On the other hand, Facebook does not plan itself to become a telecommunications carrier. "If we provide ourselves to serve ourselves, it will take more time to realize, we will need a lot of money, and in the long run it will be a sustainable service "We will not be able to provide services as" We will not be in line with our core mission "due to the fact that it will not be".

In addition, Google acquired in 2014 for drone development "Titan Aerospace"Was a company that had repeatedly negotiated acquisitions with Facebook until then. While the background to be acquired by Google is unknown, Facebook that did not have a negotiating agreement with Titan Aerospace did not settle, then British company had been regarded as a competitor of Titan Aerospace "Ascenta"We have acquired.

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