Rolls-Royce is developing a fully naval naval vessel that can silently carry out military strategies without a break

Rolls-Royce, who develops an unmanned vessel that can operate, unveiled the plans for a fully automated military ship for naval purveyors. The role of a fully automated military ship who performs silent silent tasks is like this.

Rolls-Royce reveals plans for autonomous Naval vessel - Rolls-Royce

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Rolls-Royce has been developing an automatic driving ship that carries freight unmanned for a long time.

Rolls-Royce is developing a "drone transport ship" that carries unmanned cargo - GIGAZINE

Whereas the conventional automatic ship was a commercial ship which was mainly aimed at transporting cargo and drone, this military ship was announced. It is a ship for the navy to do military operations.

According to Rolls-Royce, a fully automatic military ship is a large ship with a total length of 60 meters and a weight of 700 tons. The maximum speed is 25 knots (about 46 km / h) or more, the cruising distance is 3500 nautical miles (about 6500 kilometers), and continuous navigation of 100 days or more is possible. It is planned to install a diesel engine as a power source, and will also be equipped with MTU 4000 series generator to supply 1.5 MW and 4 MW electric power. Due to the high degree of freedom in design, diesel engines can be replaced with gas turbines, and on board the boat will be equipped with a solar panel that stores 3000 kWh of energy to generate electricity.

Fully automatic cruise ships operated by the Navy serve as escort guards for manned ships, conducting patrols and surveillance for defense, detecting and tracking enemy ships such as submarines, using it as a base for departure and arrival of military drone It is expected to play a role.

This fully automated military ship requires almost no crew and can operate unmanned, so the compartment for the crew, which was indispensable for the conventional large ship, becomes unnecessary, so if the design of the ship changes fundamentally Thing. In addition to reducing personnel expenses by reducing the number of crew members, it is expected that continuous and stable missions will be possible without a 24-hour break.

Rolls-Royce says that medium and large unmanned boat platforms will be developed over the next decade, and that the concept of manned fleet operation by manned ships and unmanned boats will develop if introduced in the navy.

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