Hydrogen power jet aircraft that implements zero emissions simulating the shape of birds

Migratory birds. It is said that you can continue to fly for a very long distance without stopping without eating without drinking. A type of migratory bird inhabiting Australia said it will fly a distance of 7256 miles (about 11,777 kilometers).

Designer William Black watches this, imitating the shape of a birdZero emissionWe have devised the concept of a high altitude aircraft that realizes the aircraft.

Lockheed Stratoliner concept is a hydrogen-powered jet that can fly anywhere on Earth without stopping | Mail Online

The extremely streamlined design is intended to realize flight by hydrogen power by reducing the resistance by air to the limit and gliding like a bird. When this aircraft flying, it seems that it is supposed to fly at a much higher position than the altitude at which the current airliners fly.

With four cryogenic hydrogen turbofan engines, it saves a considerable amount of fuel and enables zero-emission flight with low power as much as fighter aircraft.

Currently, it seems that flight of aircraft by hydrogen power has been successful only a few times, but in future it may be the day that airplanes of this shape flight through the high altitude sky.

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