Pictures of the moment the flying aircraft at sound speed generates a rainbow

If the airplane fly at a speed close to the speed of sound, elliptical clouds sometimes occur, but it is a picture of the rare moment that is being generated to the rainbow at that time.

Although it is strange that it is just moving, clouds are generated, but when it comes to the rainbow, it becomes a fantastic sight.

Details are as below.
The photograph was taken by Miramar Marine Corps Air Base of San Diego.F / A-18Seven colors of light can be seen around the clouds created by.

This is a picture taken at Miramar Air Show. The clouds are colored, though slightly.

By the way clouds that normally occur are pure white like this.
YouTube - F14 rompiendo la barrera del sonido

Although this cloud is often introduced as appearing when breaking through the speed of sound, it is actually a phenomenon that occurs even when the speed is lower than the speed of sound,Prandle · Glowert · SingularityIt seems that water vapor condenses due to a change in pressure that can be explained by.

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