F-111 aircraft attacked by the collision with Pelicans and the nose wrecked

Accidents that birds crash with cars, aircraft, buildings, etc.Bird StrikeIt is not so unusual to be called, even before GIGAZINEAccident that Porsche and birds collidedI introduced you, the other dayF-111 Attack MachineI was victimized. It seems that the conflicting birds were pelicans.

Details are as below.
F-111 almost downed - by a pelican | NEWS.com.au

The F - 111 attack machine was planned by the US Air Force, and the world 's first practical variable wing aircraft whose operation began in 1968. It was introduced to the actual war from the Vietnam War and was active until the Gulf War, but currently only the Australian Air Force is in operation. The accident occurred during bombing training at an altitude of 3000 feet (about 900 m).

As shown in the picture, the pelicans crashed into the side of the nose and was sucked into the engine. Traces of a violent accident remain on the nose.

The damage amount is expected to be several hundred thousand dollars. In F-111 in 2010F / A - 18 E / F Super HornetIt seems he was supposed to be retired in turn.

Regarding this accident, Brigadier Neil Heart commented, "It is unusual to encounter bird strikes at an altitude of 3000 feet."

Incidentally, the nose of F - 111 is usually like this.

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