What was going on when the fighter "F - 15" made a single - wing landing a success?

ByTxema Aguilar Sánchez

It is deployed in active service as a main fighter aircraft in the SDF and the US military in JapanF-15"is. After being formally formed to the American military in 1976, the F-15 boasts still practical performance,Succeeded landing with one wing while losing the right wing in the accident under exercise in 1983Episode is famous for it. As an episode showing the high performance of the F - 15 celebrating the 40th anniversary of actual war deployment in 2016, a pilot movie that made a single - wing landing successful has been drawing attention again.

This pilot landed his F-15 with only one wing

Israeli air-force pilot lands F-15 with one wing - Business Insider

An interview that Mr. Zivi Nedivi, an Israeli pilot who succeeded in one-landing landing, talks about the accident can be seen from the following.

F-15 flying with one wing by an Israeli Pilot - YouTube

In 1983, the "Negev aerial collision accident" known for single-wing landing of F-15 occurred during exercises above the Negev desert in southern Israel.

Mr. Nedivi who succeeded in one-landing landing tells the situation at the time. On that day it was a simulated flight that imaged battle with the enemy army, but when I saw the radar I found that the A-4N of the same arm was approaching as it flew upside down.

In the situation where the surrounding sight was bad and the two were not able to grasp where they are flying, the two aircraft caused a contact accident as it was. "I immediately saw A-4N be enveloped in flames," Nedivi said. Because the A-4N passengers made an emergency escape (bailout), the aircraft totally lost, but no fatalities have been issued.

Meanwhile, the F - 15 that Mr. Nedivi is maneuvering was falling at an angle of about 30 degrees, and the aircraft was rotating with the group. To stop spinning, Mr. NediviAfterburner(Re-combustion device) ignited.

Then the rotation of the aircraft gradually weakened, succeeded in flying in a horizontal state soon.

Mr. Nedivi tried to check the damage condition of the aircraft, but it was not realized that the right wing had disappeared just by seeing liquid fuel blowing out from the right wing. "If I had noticed, I would have surely escaped emergency".

I succeeded in landing at Ramon Air Force Base which was 10 mile (about 16 km) ahead as one wing. Normally it is about 240 km / h to land, and it seems that nearly 500 km / h has come out at this time. It was badly a catastrophe, but fortunately none of the dead have appeared.

"When I opened the canopy after landing and shook hands with the navigator sitting in the back seat celebrating survival ... .... Nedivi realized that almost the right wing was almost lost for the first time." "I can not think of any other aircraft other than the F - 15 that keeps the flight while keeping one - wing lost," continuing.

In fact, the right wing was damaged F - 15 looks like this.

Mr. Nedivi's colleagues are also gathering around the miraculous aircraft.

Pleasure photographs to celebrate the lifetime event in Nijutsu.

Looking from behind, it is like this.

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