US military new type transport machine "Osprey" Movie taken off from inside the aircraft, etc. Movie Various summary

I went to the Futenma Air Station of the Marine Corps, and the topic transport machine ·Have the MV-22 show you what aircraft is the Osprey,furtherI got on "Osprey" and accompanied Marine Corps on ground troops support trainingAlthough it is reasonable, we will publish all 12 takeoff landings and training movies shot from inside and outside the plane at that time.

First of all, at Futenma Air Station, I will get in from the rear lamp to the male player parked in front of the hangar. Like a passenger aircraft, there are doors next to the aircraft, but basically you go in and out from the rear lamp.

Get on to the VM-22 "Osprey" from the rear lamp - YouTube

And when I look inside from where I land, it looks like this.

Osprey landing at the northern training ground - YouTube

Here Marines came in with the Marines.

Marines coming aboard the Osprey - YouTube

Looking at the way to get on from outside it is like this, 16 riders are completed in a blink of speed quickly.

Shoot Marines to board Osprey from outside - YouTube

And took off from the helipad. The strongest wind blows around where the aircraft is away from the ground and it is likely to roll backwards behind the body rather than the hand supporting the camera. Although I see a person waiting nearby at the helicopter take-off and landing with a movie or drama, it is because the rotor at the top of the fuselage is not dangerous and it can not bear the wind unless it bends backwards I felt like I was in my body. It is unknown which of the wind is strong with the transport helicopter CH - 46E which replaces Osprey.

Osprey takes off from helipad in northern training ground - YouTube

The place where the flying osprey came back.

Osprey approaches and lands the northern training area helipad - YouTube

And when we landed, the crew members who got in earlier will come down.

Marines who come down from the landing osprey - YouTube

As it is, to secure safety around the helipad.

Marines deploy around the Osprey to ensure safety - YouTube

This time I took off from the plane. There is only a shake that you do not realize at which moment you are off while you are inside.

Take off scenery of Osprey seen from inside the cabin - YouTube

Osprey flying with the rear lamp open. Since the passenger is wearing the seatbelt, there is no danger, and since only the rear lamp is open, the wind does not pass through the aircraft.

A view of the rear seen from the osplay in flight - YouTube

And landing on the helipad, very smooth.

Landing landscape of Osprey seen from inside the cabin - YouTube

The landing on the runway is not a vertical landing and it runs.

Osprey landed at Futenma Air Station - YouTube

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