In a sense supernatural, another plane landing on the airplane

It seems that at the Roanoke airport in the US, the aircraft being controlled by the flight trainee has landed on the airplane which is preparing for takeoff. What happened to the trainee who was flying? Also, I'm curious whether people were on the landing plane. There is also a movie of the news being reported.

Details are from the following.Oops! Learner pilot comes in to land ON TOP of neighbors plane | the Daily Mail

YouTube - Plane Lands on Plane

It seems to be stuck in from the head. Explosion does not seem to be on fire.

Looking from another angle, it seems to be on the airplane.

Although it was an accident caused by the carelessness of the trainee, fortunately the trainee seems to have no injuries. Also, no one was on the plane preparing for takeoff, and there seemed to be no injured person. It is miraculous that there are hardly any damage in this accident.

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