Britain's famous spot "Mach Loop" where the F-35 fighter aircraft and the C-17 military transport aircraft turn around in front of you with very low air

A fighter such as F-22 "Raptor", F-35 "Lightning II", "Euro Fighter Typhoon" and a huge military transport aircraft such as the C - 17 "Globe Master" are low flying flight training in a narrow valley The place to do is in the valley region of Wales, England "Mach LoopIt is (Mac Loop). Here, you can witness the aircraft flying at a tremendous speed while swinging the aircraft to the left and right with quick maneuver if you stand on the hillside or the top of the mountain.

Giant C - 17 Airlifter Does Low Level at the Mach Loop

Mach Loop is a circulation path within a diameter of about 8 km within the low-sky training airspace "LFA 7 (Low Fly Area 7)" of the British Air Force, which is located about 370 km away from the car from London. In addition to the British Air Force, it is also used for NATO army training, and US Air Force fighters may jump through the canyon.

Such Mach Loop is also famous as a shooting spot of an airplane, and when you search on YouTube, the image hits as much as you want. For example, the following movie containing a state of F - 22 "Raptor" and F - 15 flying.

Raptors and Eagles in The Mach Loop, Wales. - YouTube

What came from behind a gentle hill ......

F-15 fighter plane

In this movie, a high-definition still image is inserted in addition to the moving image, and its superb finish is a level where the tongue is rolled up.

What I came after ......

F-22 "Raptor". When you enlarge the image, you can see well that the detail of the aircraft is stored.

From the wing tipVaporRaptor whirling while drawing water vapor. It also shows that a strong turning G is applied to the aircraft.

A shot that I could shoot the F - 15 from a nearly right angle with a full bank. Normally it will be impossible to see the aircraft from this angle. You can understand well the missiles etc. equipped under the wing.

Raptor is also a full bank. Raptors are hidden inside the fuselage so all the missiles and the like are raised in order to increase the stealth property, so it is not a state like the F - 15.

Pictures that came close to here in the cockpit. For a spotter that keeps an airplane in the picture, it seems to be said that it is a location that does not have any more.

The image that the US Air Force 's F - 35 came to the first Mach Loop.

USAF F-35 Low Level Flight Mach Loop, First Time - YouTube

F - 35 which flying while drawing a vapor.

Although there is not much angle, it is transmitted as "Hashihishi" in contrast to the background which flows at tremendous speed "unlikely feeling".

A scene which turns to the other side while showing a stomach also.

CV - 22 "Osprey" also seems to have come to Mach Loop.

USAF CV - 22 OSPREY Mach - Loop RAF Mildenhall - YouTube

It changes like a fighter plane so far and it fly at a slow speed Osprey.

If you look carefully, the propeller and the engine will tilt together "Tilt rotorIt is in the wake state. Perhaps it is in a state that emphasizes agility rather than speed by slipping through a narrow canyon.

Even if you pass through a canyon, the aim is felt even when the tilt rotor is completely collapsed.

It is not only fighter planes to fly Mach Loop,C-17Transportation machines, also known as "glove master" transport machines.

Legendary low level C-17 Globemaster in the Mach Loop - 7th July 2017 - YouTube

A glove master coming while drifting a gigantic body.

I will turn as if showing a stuffy stomach like a "shitami".

From around 1 / 30th of a movie, you can adjust the attitude by moving the elevator to move the aircraft in the pitch direction, and also take the timing to enter the turn. It is a scene that makes me feel like wanting to say "I often took this moment!"

While swaying the giant, it disappeared beyond the valley. You can also see how the posture is being controlled while moving the auxiliary wing above the main wing.

Sometimes called "the strongest attack machine"A-10Attacker, also known as "Thunderbolt II" or "Wait Hog", also flew to Mach Loop.

A-10s "... for the Low Fly" - YouTube

Wheat Hog going through while making a sound different from other military aircraft "Gyin ......".

Is not it rare, spotter that cheers without hiding excitement? Even so, I can see that many people are packing on a camera.

Finally, a picture taken from the cockpit of Eurofighter Typhoon.

Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level - YouTube

Typhoon waiting for departure by the runway.

Raise your thumb and depart for training.

In the sky, another typhoon and tandem flight.

And invade Mach Loop. The machine speed at this time is about 830 km / h, and voice comment is included as it is about 4 G at the time of turning.

Mach Loop There seems to be a lake in the area. It looks like it fly low on the surface of the lake. It was a movie that felt tremendous extraordinaryness in the scenery flowing at tremendous speed.

In "The Mach Loop" which deals with Mach Loop information, it shows directions to Mach Loop, photographing points, frequencies of aviation radio, and so on. In terms of the nature of military training, we do not know the timing when the flight is seen in advance, there is no mention only "come when you come" to the site, but those who thought "I would like to go and want to take" must-see is.

The Mach Loop - LFA 7 North Wales

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