Assembly of stealth fighter 'F-35' capable of vertical takeoff and landing Photo and movie

I do not know if it will really be the last but at the moment it seems to be the last model as a manned fighter aircraft. The feature is not to take off on the runway and take off and land vertically from the spot. It's like a UFO. There seems to be a stealth function.

This is a picture of the assembly process of such a next generation fighter "F - 35". There is also a movie that shows vertical takeoff and landing as a bonus.
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JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) X-35 / F-35

Movie of vertical takeoff and landing(RealPlayer required)

It is frighteningly cool to see how it deforms. Even so, it's amazing how the vertical take-off and landing is. What will happen if you try to realize this with Jumbo Jet ...

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