Which browser is the fastest?

Compare different browsers with initial launch speed, launch speed twice, render speed of CSS, render speed of table tag, execution speed of JavaScript, load speed of multiple images, cache refresh rate of once displayed page As a result, which browser is at the top of it? The story.

The comparison target browsers are Avant 1.1, Blazer 4.0, Clue 4.2, Escape 4.82, Escape 5.1.4, Firefox 1.0 (Moox), Firefox 1.0, Firefox 1.5, ICEbrowser 6, Internet Explorer 5.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet It is Explorer 7.0 (b1), K-Meleon 0.8.2, Maxthon 1.1, Mozilla 1.0, Mozilla 1.8, NetFront 3.2, Netscape 4.77, Netscape 8, Opera 6.03, Opera 7.54, Opera 8.0, Opera 9.0, WebTV Viewer 2.8.
Browser speed comparisons

Although the results can be seen by looking at the above, overall it was Opera. Although there are some differences in each version, it is fast overall. As expected to say a well-established browser.

Web browser Opera

What's shocking is the slowness of Firefox. It seems that it was expressly expressed quietly, but it was not due to mind. But you do not have to think pessimistically. In fact, considering that Mozilla 1.8 alpha 6 which is the last Mozilla is faster than the current Firefox 1.5 series, at least it can be accelerated to the same extent in the future. In addition, the next Firefox 2.x series plans to focus on improving operation, and it seems that performance improvement will be made in the next Firefox 3.x series. Only speed is not everything to decide superiority and inferiority of browser ... and.

However, at that time there is a possibility that Opera is even faster ...

According to the above page, the results are different again on Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

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