A photograph of the demonstration machine of the new model unmanned combat attack machine X-47B will be released

According to the UCAS plan of the US NavyNorthrop GrummanofUnattended Battle Attack SystemAn image of the demonstration machine (UCAS-D) X-47B was released. This is the first machine out of two machines. It is said that we plan to do the first flight in autumn 2009 after undergoing ground test.

Details are below.
Photo Release - Northrop Grumman Reveals First Navy Unmanned Combat Aircraft

The X - 47 series is not a radio control, it is conceived as a fully autonomous unmanned battle attack machine to judge by oneself, and upon completion it will be able to detach to aircraft carrier on its own. Also, 1,500 nautical miles (about 2,800 kilometers) and a large range are set as required performance, and in the future it is a concept to install weapons of 4500 pounds (about 2 tons). It is planned to be launched into a dangerous mission in manned aircraft such as starting from a position far away so that the aircraft carrier is not attacked and controlling the enemy's air defense network.

Engine manufacturerPratt & WhitneyAnd the manufacturer of the landing gearGE AviationI can see the logo of

Planar shape has changed significantly from X - 47A.It is also used for experiments of air refueling by autopilotAnd that.

Shape considering stealth property. The layout is free, as people do not get on.

Because it is a naval plane, on the front legcatapultI am receiving

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