Flight test flight successfully flight aircraft "GL-10" equipped with 10 propellers and capable of vertical take-off and landing / level flight

The takeoff and landing is done in that place, and in the sky it fly with wings like an airplane, drone who took a good point of a helicopter and an airplane "GL-10"Developed by NASA. The GL - 10 has been made to fly with a propeller attached to 10 electric motors, and the first flight of the testing machine has been successful.

Ten-Engine Electric Plane Completes Successful Flight Test | NASA

This is the prototype machine of GL-10. The span is 3.05 meters, with four on each of the left and right wings, and two at the tail, with a total of 10 electric propellers. The weight of the aircraft is 28.1 kg.

It looks like she is carrying this.

You can see how the GL - 10 actually takes off from the ground and shifts to level flight from the following movie.

Greased Lightning GL-10 Successful Transition Test - YouTube


Development of GL-10 is underway in the facility.

I'm installing a propeller.

GL-10 appeared from the facility.

Place the GL-10 on the lawn, not the asphalt.

When I start the operation from a little away ... ...

The propeller began to turn quietly.

Float float up vertically.

And to the sky.

When it came up to a certain height, it started to fly horizontally as smooth as a plane. Having a variable angle wing, it is said to be an aircraft with a 4 times superior efficiency aerodynamically than a helicopter when leveling.

A thin tape is affixed to the upper surface of the wing, so that the flow of air can be understood.

Looking forward from the back of the aircraft is like this. Although the GL-10 had already finished the hovering test, the task of "Can you fly like an airplane" remained until this test was done. Even from the viewpoint of aeronautical engineering, vertical / horizontal transition flight is not an easy challenge, but it seems that five flight tests were repeated until it succeeded.

The operation is done with a controller like this.

Zack Johns of the main pilot said "Although the aircraft carrying 10 motors are going up and down, the four motors on the right and the left wing move in the same way, so they are on the right wing, the left wing and the tail wings , Feeling as if you are operating an aircraft carrying three motors ".

GL-10 floating in the sky far away.

Finally it finishes quietly landing.

Besides the vertical take-off and landing of the GL-10, the quietness of the sound is raised. It is said to be "quieter than a gas-powered lawn mower" and will be used in agriculture and map creation in the future as well. At present it is still undergoing flight experiments with small prototypes, but in the end it is planned to develop a model that allows people to get in 1 to 4 people.

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