"Shikku Eva Campaign 2015" Collaboration Movie & Goods Photo Review "Luxury First Unit and Cute Mini Figures Completed"

In the past"Evangelion"Or"Attack on Titan"Schick (sick) selling collaborative goods and, from May 12, 2015" from "Schick × Evangelion campaign 2015"start. I tried to look at the real machine with the first machine type razor stand and mini figure that can get on campaign limited.

Schick × Evangelion campaign | Schick (Schick)

It will be the first step in the campaignTrailer movieIn addition to the two movies below are released.

Schick × Evangelion Campaign 2015 "Please give me wings to shave" Hen (2/3) - YouTube

Gendou standing in front of a mirror.

"The refreshing feeling of humanity can reach to the new stage with this ..."

I will begin to deflect the beard by pulling out the razor.

Gendou that gently shave the beard.

"This sled feeling ...... what a refreshing feeling ... ... this is the opening of the soul!", It looks like the beard was quite refreshing along the beard.

And, "Shave Impact, Acting! Oh Oh!"

We will fly to the sky with the melody of "Please give me wings."

"Here, there is ideal, there is a feeling of openness from the bottom of my heart"

The command that turned refreshing along the beard flew away somewhere with laughter saying "Ha ha ha ha ...... ha ha ha ha!"

In the third movie, the secret of "Shave Impact" is revealed.

Schick × Evangelion Campaign 2015 "Shave Impact Activation Condition" (3/3) - YouTube

"Mankind does not understand the correct shaving ... ...."

Lying chic Hydro 5.

"We need to guide"

What I took out as "based on korei" is a secret "true · shaving document".

Ikari command which grasps with the document.

"Shave Impact is activated!"

Shinji and Kaoru start playing the piano with a shout of "Come on, music."

In accordance with the two rapists ......

Ikari Command will start a whisper. First, wet the skin and apply a shaving agent ......

She said that it is better to shave from around the cheeks that are easy to slim.

Since the hard bear grows easily around the mouth, I will follow along last.

The command that follows the beard will tweet "Come on ... come on."!

And the back shines, "Kitter!"

"It is now time to shock the human race!" He left behind and left behind.

It seems that "Shave · Impact" which can obtain exhilaration feeling to fly to the sky has been activated.

"Schick × Evangelion campaign 2015" limited collaboration goods, "First model machine type sensor stand with chic Hydro 5 Combo pack"First machine type holder hanger with chic Hydro 5 Combo Pack"And you can get a razor holder & replacement blade"Petit Eva balanced figureIt is 4 kinds.

The contents of 'SIC Hydro 5 Combo Pack with Initial Machine Type Sensor Stand' is the first machine type sensor stand, Hydro 5, Replacement blade 5.

On the side of the box, the figure of the first machine looking up at the sky is drawn.

I took out the contents from the box.

This is the first machine type sensor stand. The profile of the first machine protrudes from the front of the stand. "EVANGELION" logo on the side.

To use the sensor stand, open the battery cover on the back with the included driver ......

We will set two AA batteries.

Since there is a power button protected with a silicon cover at the bottom of the back, move it toward "ON" and turn on the power.

When setting Hydro 5, it looks like this. It seems that Hydro 5 has become the weapon of the first machine.

The stand operates by holding the hand over the sensor at the lower front.

Actually watching Hydro 5 rise up by moving the first machine type sensor stand can be seen in the following movie.

Schick × Eva 2015 Campaign Limited "I tried using the first machine type sensor stand" - YouTube

Furthermore, a protrusion is attached to the back side of the first machine type sensor stand, and you can fit the replacement blade case here.

If you install the replacement blade case on the stand, it is convenient without having to worry about when replacement blades are needed.

Next, we opened "Sick Hydro 5 Combo Pack with Unit Type Holder Hanger".

Inside the box is a holder hanger that simulates the face of the first machine, a sucker, and Hydro 5.

If you put a sucker on the back of the holder hanger ......

It is possible to stick to a tile face or a slick wall.

When wearing a razor it looks like the following, it seems that a good horn of the first machine will protect the razor.

And there are four kinds of 'Petit Eva balanced figure' of Kore.

Looking out from the box and putting them side by side is like this.

The figure is a mini size that fits into the palm of your hand.

Ray and Mari can be hung on the desk's bord and can be decorated.

The back is also made without fail.

Asuka cheers razors positively.

The back is covered with long hair.

Gendou is a familiar pose like hand crafting and thinking something.

Also wrinkles of clothes are well reproduced.

Schick × Evangelion campaign goods will be on sale on the nation's drugstore and supermarket from May 12, 2015 (Tuesday), and it ends as soon as it is gone.

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