Eva's Ikari Gendo started the "10,000 refreshing operation", Kato's appearance which was unknown

"Evangelion New Theatrical Version" Ikari Gendow smiles and shaves a beardI showed my appearance that I could not see in this volume and gave a shockSchick × Evangelion collaboration campaign. This year Gendou looking for refreshingnessEmbark on a "campaign structured destiny"Although it is doing, the start of "10,000 exhilarating operations" was revealed in a movie released today today.

In this movie, "Evangelion New Theater Version: Q" does not come out in appearance, and Ryoji Koda who is unknown what is doing in that world right now is also appearing.

Schick × Evangelion 2013 "Refreshing Operation of 10,000 people" - YouTube


"No, it was a hard work."

"All in your scenario," a picture like a trace of the flow that appeared in Evangelion's new movie version.

"This is a promise."

"It will start at last ... ...", what the acquirers brought in ... ...

"Sick Hydro 5" that opens a new refreshing door, not the key of Nebuchadnezzar.

After finishing the work I will return with "I will apply from the web too".

"Please do so, I will give it to 10,000 people," Ikari Command

It is "Ten thousand people exhilarating operation" that many people taste the exhilaration experience of "Sick Hydro" that they experienced. As Kagoshi said, from todaySpecial site for present campaign applicationWill open, and sample draws of Sick Hydro 5's sample kit (holder and shaving gel 3 g set) will be presented to 10,000 people by lottery among those who answered the questionnaire.

In the movie of Eva, sponsors' products caught on the screen glancely, but in the movie version of Shin · Evangelion will I get scenes where Ikari Command and Mr. Kagoshi shave the beard? It is doubtful whether or not such everyday exist any longer ... ....

Schick × Evangelion campaign 2013

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