"Chic × Eva" Collaboration 2nd, Movie Kaoru makes everyone refreshing again

In the "Schick × Evangelion campaign", 2nd movie 2 movies were released following the shock movie by Ikari Gendou and Ryoyo Ryoji shavings refreshingly.

Schick × Evangelion campaign

"Kaoru's Wish" Schick × Evangelion Original Movie No. 2 - YouTube

The first one is "Kaoru's Wish"

Near lunar base

"That is……"

"Dad, beard seems to be growing again"

"W-What are you talking about?"

"That exhilaration, it should not be forgotten"

Refreshing feeling when shaving the beard across the gendo's mind ......

"Now, let's go"

"Again, I will make everyone refreshing."

And the second movie will be made next time like this time again

"New development" Schick × Evangelion original movie second volume - YouTube

"New development"

"Refreshing shock to show expansion in the blink of an eye"

"Collaboration between Chic and Evangelion will lead people's mind to release"

"And the clothes that revolutionized were new Petit Eva figures"

"The campaign that celebrated the new stage finally hit the awake time"

"Schick × Evangelion campaign, this refreshing feeling turns into a habit! 2nd bullet, service!"

So, it has various limited figures.

Formula Wave · Asuka · Langley Figure Stand Set

Evangelion first machine figure stand set

Incidentally,Evangelion New Theatrical Version: QIt is open to the public in 2012.

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