"Schick × Advance giant" original movie & figures to exhilarate the beard of the giant

year 2012When2013"Beauty shoes × Eva" collaboration that the beard shaved the beard and refreshing is developed by the trademark river Gendou, but this year "Schick × Advance Giant"The collaboration campaign starts from June 9, 2014. In the original movie published in the campaign, the purpose of the giants has finally come to light and a new organization to protect the human race "Shaving troopsIt is becoming possible to enjoy tondemo deployment that the birth is born.

Schick × Advance Giant Campaign

The original movie of the campaign is kore.

【Schick × Advance Giant】 Campaign Original Movie - YouTube

"I will enter the shaving troops"

"And shave the beard of the giant!"

"You can not shave!"


"You guys also know that they want to shave exhilarating even giants!"

"No matter how much you are, that number is that ... ...."

'Shave, I can shave'

"I can exhilarate the beards of the giants over there"

"Shaving corps, show us your exhilarating shave"


"The 57th refreshing shaving operation is started"

"Proceed, step forward, advance"

Destroy that beard exhilaratingly, "Schick × Advance giant" campaign

The original goods that you can get during this campaign are:Sick Hydro 5"Limited figure stand set" and a set of figure stands, and six "limited figures".

This is a limited figure stand set, you can get figures of Mikasa (left) and Rivai soldier (right) appearing in the advancing giant.

For six types of limited figures, you can get one each time you buy one item for Chic.

The limited figure stand set contains a set of figure stands and chic Hydro 5, and a set of five replacement blades.

Fit the round parts to the base ... ...

Insert the long and thin rod parts into the pedestal.

And put this bar part in the hole in the crotch of the figure ... ...

It will be such a stand.

You can store Sic Hydro 5 in the round pedestal part.

A Levi soldier who is likely to slash into the giant today.

You can also check details of three-dimensional mobile devices that you do not usually see much.

If you buy this figure stand set, you will face your face with the invisible bad Rivai soldier at the timing of shaving the beard every day.

About Mikasa 's figure about a limited figure stand set is like this.

Posing with lively dynamism as if you also faithfully reproduced the action scene under construction.

When purchasing the target item you can get, the size of the limited figure is about this.

There are 6 kinds of figures in all, three from the left from Egyen · Mikasa · Armin's Shigan Shina district.

Ellen has a chic shaving in his hand instead of a blade to drive out the giant.

Mikasa and Armin are crispy looking chic shaving agents.

Levi Hanji · The figure of a super large giant is like this. Lievy Soldier and Captain Hanji have shavings ... ...

There is a towel written as "Schick" in the hands of a super large giant.

These goodies can be obtained during the campaign period.

In addition, the original movie of "Schick × Advance Giant" campaign has been released to the public, and in the movie, characters related to shaving troops and high captain Hanji captain are seen.

【Schick × Advance Giant】 Original movie "New corps" Shaving Corps "is born! - YouTube

【Schick × Advance Giant】 Original movie "Mikasa's determination" - YouTube

【Schick × Advance Giant】 Original Movie "Matrix is ​​possible · · ·" - YouTube

In addition, in the campaign, following twitter account dedicated to "Schick × Advance giant" campaign, tweeting the impression of the original movie on Twitter with a hash tag "#schickshingeki", 150 people in the drawing "Limited diorama set" It hits.

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