Evolved version of "V-22 Osprey" small version experiment machine succeeded in the first vertical takeoff and landing experiment

By embedding a small electric propeller on the wing, a new type vertical take-off (VTOL) machine of a shape that seems to have no propeller at first sight "X-Plane"Is a US government research instituteDARPA(National Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).The U.S. Navy in Japan hit the transportation support in the Kumamoto earthquakeAlthough it is said to be an evolutionary version of the vertical take-off and landing transport machine "MV 22 Osprey", an X-Plane with a small size was developed and succeeded in the vertical takeoff and landing experiment.

LightningStrike X-Plane - Aurora

The movie that the small X-Plane is performing take-off and landing flight experiment can be seen from the following.

Aurora Successfully Flies Subscale X-Plane Aircraft - YouTube

X-Plane which is small size fuselage which is standby at airfield.

On the main wing, 9 electric powered propellers are mounted on each side.

There are three electric propellers of the tail wing on the left and right.

When the propeller began to turn, the aircraft lifted upright vertically.

The image from the camera attached to the small X-Plane looks something like this. I will gradually raise the altitude.

In the vicinity, the technical team is operating small X-Plane.

This altitude is about this.

from a different angle. It is small size but succeeded in vertical takeoff without problems.

Continue to the vertical landing. Lower the altitude slowly ...

We also succeeded in landing and stone.

This time it was a drone-sized small experiment machine, but it shows that the idea of ​​"Built-in electric propeller on wing" is feasible. In addition, the aircraft on which people can board is expected to have the following shape.

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