Movie that freely manipulates Quadro Copter radio control with Kinect

About three months ago the Dynamic Systems and Control Laboratory of Zurich Institute of TechnologyMovie of Quadro Copter (helicopter with four rotor blades) showing freedom of maneuverAlthough it made public the improvement, as a result of improvement it seems that it became possible to operate with Kinect.

The previous remote control was also pretty simple, but as soon as Kinect became able to operate it, the remote control became unnecessary, and it can be operated dynamically using the body.

Natural interaction with flying robots via Kinect - sUAS News - The Business of Drones

YouTube - Interaction with a Quadrotor via the Kinect

The animation is from the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control, Zurich Technical University.

Kinect installed at the experiment site

I am manipulating Quadro Copter with my right hand

The body rotates gently by listing the left hand

Taping the bang and hands is a sign of landing, and Quadro Copter landed in the first position.

If the application goes on like this, everything using the remote control seems to be able to move like Kinect as well.

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