Steam punk wrist watch "Nixie Watch" with a small Nixie tube as display

In the glass tube emerge a number that shines orange "Nixie tubeWatch that used the display "Nixie Watch"Has appeared.

The Square Nixie Watch by Cathode Corner

"Nixie Watch" is a watch using two Nixie tubes. Even though it is a wristwatch, the number that can be displayed is only two digits, and it is a very divisible specification. When you look at the display with the wrist with Nixie Watch attached, set the angle you set, the body detects the tilt and displays the current time It will be. The display method first states "hour", then "minute" is displayed. The size of the number displayed on the Nixie tube is 14 mm in length. What is used for the housing part is aluminum at the level used for structural materials of aircraft, so that it can withstand long-term useAlumite treatmentIt is decorated. The main body size is 48 mm in width × 53 mm in length × 16 mm in thickness, which is also subjected to water resistance treatment, but it is not level enough to measure the water resistance depth.

Since the back of the case is the part that interacts with the wrist, it is especially strongly treated with alumite. Also, the product version will be stamped with the serial number of the product on the reverse side.

Two buttons are installed on the side of the main unit, and it is possible to set the time using this. The clock display time corresponds to both 12 hour display and 24 hour display. In addition, Micro - USB port is arranged on the side, and you can charge the main body from here. Once you charge it, you can use it for 2 to 4 weeks without charging puzzle, and when the body needs to be charged, the display that displays the time flickers to inform you of battery degradation. The time can be determined even when the battery lowers.

The main body color is Orange · Red · Black · Purple · Black · Blue · Gold from the left

The battery adopts a lithium-ion polymer battery, and the Micro-USB port is waterproofed.

A movie that is touching the real thing of "Nixie Watch" is also released on YouTube.

2016 Nixie Tube Wristwatch from Cathode Corner - YouTube

This is Nixie Watch.

When wearing it on the arm it is like this.

Tilt your arms ......

The time is displayed on the display.

When you have it in hand it is about this size.

Charge using the Micro - USB port on the side of the main unit.

In the band part there is a stamp called "WATERPROOF LEATHER (waterproof leather)", you can see that waterproof leather is used.

Looking up the Nixie tube looks like this.

"Nixie Watch" is scheduled to be shipped in May 2016, as it is pre-ordered at the time of article creation. In addition, the main unit price is 795 dollars (about 87,000 yen) and a shipping fee of 95 dollars (about 10,000 yen) is required separately for sending outside the United States. In addition, spare parts can be purchased for the Nixie tube part at $ 15 (about 1600 yen).

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