I saw what type of aircraft "Osprey" deployed at the US military Futenma airport is

New transport aircraft deployed by the US military ·MV-22 OspreyIs an airplane that can change the angle of the rotor blades, while it is capable of vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter, while the flight speed, cruise distance and payload (loading capacity) are closer to the fixed wing aircraft than the helicopter doing.

This time, there was an invitation from Marine Corps to ground troops and Osprey to support it, so I actually went to Futenma to see Osprey.

Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

I will head to Futenma airport by car.

It is the Ginowan city that has the Futenma airport. Although it does not notice its existence while running only on national roads, it also strikes the fence of the airfield when running in the alley.

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A high fence separates daily life and the base.

Give permission and go inside the airport. When you enter inside, another town spreads out there. There is also a subway like this.

This is the building of the head office.

As I ran along the runway, I saw the hangar.

This destination is here.

Osprey is sliding before the hangar.

I will guide you in the hangar immediately.

VMM - 265 isMarine Corps Medium Tilt Rotor Flying SquadronSo, I have the name "Dragons" and I am using the logo in which a dragon is drawn like this.

Inside the hangar ... ....

Osprey under maintenance

One more machine

I belong to the US Marine Corps VMM - 265

Before the flight, I will check the details finely in this way

On the tail wings is the character of "dragon". All of the VMM - 265 belonging aircraft have the same "dragon" letters.

Featured rotor part, when folded up it will be like this.

Next, let me show you the inside of the aircraft in the state where it is ready to fly off.

I gave you this box before that.

This is an earplug. Osprey seems to be noisy compared to the CH - 46E helicopter, but as it approaches anything, the sound will be heard if it is not attached because it is considerable.

Like the fixed wing aircraft, the tilt rotor faced forward.

In this state it feels like an ordinary aircraft.

I get in from the rear lamp.

A foldable seat that is lined up side by side. In addition to the passengers required for operation, 24 people can board.

The seats are lined up in face to face.

When deployed it looks something like this, the cushion of the part to hit the thigh is a bit thick.

Go ahead and go cockpit.

A shape where two pilots sit side by side like this.

It is marked with a red mark, but it is written in English as "Remove before flight (REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT)".

Both switches and panels are numerous and it is impossible for amateurs to sit at once and steer.

Here I gave my helmet ......

From here we will actually ride on the Osprey and experience cooperative training with the ground forces.

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I got on "Osprey" and accompanied Marine Corps on ground troops support training

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