A US Marines' new model Osprey MV - 22B image that can take off vertically and can fly at the same speed as an airplane Image Summary

Reports are being held every day over the deployment to Futenma Base in Okinawa "Osprey MV-22B'S image was released on the official website of the US Marine Corps and Flickr, so I summarized it with permission from the troops.

MV-22B Osprey - a set on Flickr

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The appearance while flying is like this.

Two winders can be sent downwards with a rotor to take off and landing vertically.

Osprey flying over the city area.

By moving the rotor forward, you can move at high speed by flying like a twin plane (airplane).

You can also get off to the aircraft carrier.

Osprey flying over Sug of deck.

When looking at the way to fly from birds is somehow like a bird, birds who are good at catching fish with vertical descent "OspreyThe English name "Osprey" is the name of the aircraft.

After the ship is like this.

Because it can fold the rotor and wings, it becomes more compact than an airplane of the same size.

Vertical takeoff and landing is a great advantage even on deck where space is limited.

Air can be refueled using nozzles at the tip of the aircraft.

Since you can get off to rough terrain without needing a runway, you can send soldiers efficiently to remote areas.

The situation at the time of training is like this.

Osprey which winds up sand dust.

The soldier in front is turning his face from the aircraft in order to avoid stones and the like scattered by the wind of the rotor.

Hovering is possible with the baggage hanging under the aircraft.

I will remove the rope and fly away.

I opened the rear hatch and dropped a parachute loaded ship.

Delivering goods to areas where landing is impossible by dropping luggage from the sky while decelerating with a parachute.

Flying at night ... ...

Osprey which flies down with loads hanging under the aircraft.

The appearance of multiple aircraft landing in succession is as follows.

Place a soldier equipped with a parachute ... ...

You can also lower it from the rear hatch.

The inside of the plane is as follows.

You can also snipe with a machine gun equipped with a rear hatch open.

People who visit the aircraft.

A state of maintenance is like this.

Compared with the soldier in front, you can understand the huge of the rotor well.

Osprey receiving full-scale maintenance indoors.

A soldier who embarks on himself by opening the door on the side.

It is also possible to carry water with a huge bucket under the aircraft. Firefighting activities can be done in places where mountain fires and fire trucks can not approach.

Relief activities carried out by the US military in the event of the Great East Japan EarthquakeOperation of TomodachiThe CH - 46 helicopter was used for transporting goods, but Osprey which can operate close to a helicopter seems to be able to do such a task in the future as well.

A cargo ship that is not an aircraft carrier like the one below can also mount osplay.

Oops to be hauled and enter the harbor.

It will be loaded with this kind of feeling.

I fell within Shibori and the ship.

The state where the wing and the rotor are folded are as follows.

It becomes like this when putting the rotor in a state where it can take off.

It is like this when it is on the ground.

In addition, Osprey is used when a key US person visits Afghanistan and Iraq, President Barack Obama (photo right) also boards the Senator era.

In addition, "Osprey MV - 22" started full - scale operations at Futenma Air Station in Okinawa Prefecture from October 2012plansIt is said that it is being done.

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