A graduation ceremony of a UK university quite different from a Japanese university looks like this

In the overseas graduation ceremony, it is covered with water at the graduation ceremony and the fountain of the United States which often see the scene throwing the hat in the air in moviesRussian graduation ceremonyThere seems to be various differences in each country. Although there are prominent universities such as Cambridge and Oxford in the UK, I got the chance to actually see what the graduation ceremony is all over, so I watched it as an ordinary person in the graduation ceremony of Kingston University.

Upon arrival at the university, "Congratulations to our new generation of graduates(Congratulations to all the graduates, congratulations) "Banner curtain was decorated at the entrance.

The graduation ceremony is not held in the school, but it is done by renting a public theater. "Graduate gowns and photography(Alumni's gowns and pictures) ", and school seems to take photographs and photographs of costumes to wear at the graduation ceremony.

We will receive "hat" and "gown" to wear at the graduation ceremony which we reserved in advance in this room. Incidentally, the hat and gown rental fee is set at 40 pounds (about 6050 yen)

When receiving a hat and a gown, a clerk in the back room fine-tune the size etc and it will wear it cleanly.

Even if the attending person is a guardian, it is necessary to purchase tickets in advance, and a ticket is 19 pounds (about 2900 yen). The ticket shows the seat number of the venue where the graduation ceremony will be held.

While graduates are changing into costumes, parents of graduates wait in this room.

The costume to wear at the graduation ceremony is like a robe, there is no button at all and a light blue line is in the vertical, it is impressive that the cuffs are quite large.

When viewed from the side, there is something like a cloaked cloak light blue and gray on the back side.

Looking from behind, it is like this.

Hirahira attached to the back is gray in front and light blue on the other side.

The hat is slightly shallow, with something like a square board on the top.

When looking at the hat from the side, it is attached to the top of which a number of black threads are gathered, and this is to keep it hanging to the left front of the hat.

Looking at it from behind like this, I firmly stop with a hairpin so that my hat will not come off.

Graduates who have finished changing clothes chatting with classmates and their families in the courtyard.

There are some people taking a commemorative photo, and so far there is not much different from the graduation ceremony in Japan except costumes.

I found a person wearing a robe of different design from other graduates. When I asked why costume is different she asked that she graduated from graduate school and wearing costumes different from other people.

As the starting time is getting closer, I will go out to the venue where the graduation ceremony will take place once I leave the school.

This will be the venue of the graduation ceremony "Rose Theater"is.

When entering the entrance, the guests of the information desk welcomed you.

A T - shirt printed the name of all graduates was on sale.

Besides T-shirts, we also sell mugs and towels and graduation-limited teddy bears.

The lobby was a graduate and was crowded.

This is the theater that will be the stage of the graduation ceremony. A chair and the like where university officials sit is set up on the stage.

The audience seems to be buried in Milumyu.

Seats in front of the podium are also seats for relatives of graduates.

Students also wait in a state they do not feel calm.

All of us suddenly stood up standing by waiting for a while.

Professors wearing colorful robes and school officials including school principals started entering from the side.

Even among school officials, the principal and school principals will line up at the front of the platform.

First the principal's speech begins. The time is about 5 minutes, the words of closing "make more mistakes, because you can grow as you get over it if you overcome mistakes"

Next, the apparel brand "past graduate"Banana RepublicIn the design departmentVice President,Simon NineTo Mr.Honorary doctorThe degree was awarded.

When the greeting of school officials sitting in the front row is over, graduates receive blessing words from the school head. Graduates go up to the stage one by one when their name is called ......

Shake hands with the school principal. Some students cheered by family and friends from the audience seat when their name was called. By the way, it seems that those calling names are undergraduate professors.

You can check the status of graduates being honored by the name and being honored on the stage from the following video.

A graduation ceremony will be honored at the graduation ceremony of the UK university - YouTube

Next graduate students are awarded a prize. For graduate graduates, the professor will read the outline of the graduation thesis produced when the name is called.

Graduate graduates are also shaking hands with school principals at last.

It seems like the following movie that graduate graduates are honored.

A graduate from the UK graduate school is being honored - YouTube

Once all the graduates were honored, a graduation representative's greeting was done at the end. This area is the same as Japan.

When the graduate representative's greeting is over, the principal and the professor will leave along with magnificent music.

The appearance of the school officials leaving is confirmed from the following movie.

A state of school officials leaving the UK university graduation ceremony - YouTube

Then the graduates' guardian leaves.

Graduates will also leave at the same time as their parents. By the way, when parents and graduates leaveQueenThe song "The legendary championIt took place.

After the graduation ceremony has finished successfully, the thread of tension has been relaxed. Outside of the hall, graduates are excited.

Students who recreate the scene that throws the hat that you often see in movies etc in the air are thriller.

Unlike Japan's graduation ceremony, it is very impressive that the principal and the professor wear different costumes, one by one, like robes. A graduation ceremony was underway while the atmosphere of the venue was overseas, occasionally cheers and finger flutes were heard and warm hearted.

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