How can a stealth bomber disappear?


Stealth bombers have been developed since the beginning of the First World War, but the most high-performance and iconic stealth bombers are said to be "all-wing aircraft without tail"B-2"is. A movie that explains how such B - 2 demonstrates the stealth nature that makes it hard to detect from radar has been released.

Stealth - How Does it Work? (Northrop B - 2 Spirit) - YouTube

Radar emits short pulse electromagnetic energy to identify the position and distance by using the reflection of an object at a distance.

The modern radar is a value that indicates how much radio waves are reflected by the detected objectRadar reflection cross sectionYou can indicate. The smaller this number, the higher the stealthiness.

The wing length of B - 2 is 52 meters. If you do not have stealth, the radar can detect that a huge aircraft is flying.

However, B - 2 has a radar reflection cross section that is comparable to that of a larger bird, and even if it appears on the radar, I do not know that the aircraft is flying.

What is realizing this stealthiness is the unique shape of B-2. Since B-2 is designed to diffusely reflect radio waves far away, it is extremely difficult to detect B-2 from radio waves reflected by the radar.

The incredible stealthiness of B-2 is due to the aircraft design that thoroughly rationalized wings and engine are embedded inside. The air inlet is also located on the top of the airframe to prevent the engine fan that reflects radio waves from being exposed and to prevent infrared detection from the ground.

It is the same US military stealth bomberF-117It has a complicated shape because the curved surface design was difficult in the computer at the time of development. With advances in technology, it is now possible to develop B-2 with a more ideal shape.

The most noteworthy aspect of the B - 2 's aircraft design is that it does not have a tail like a usual jet aircraft. Since it does not have a vertical stabilizer and a horizontal stabilizer, the part that reflects the radar becomes fewer, which works favorably to improve the stealth property.

Instead of tail wings, one for each of right and left wings, let's change the direction by generating air resistance by operating only one wing "Split ladderThe equipment which plays the role of rudder called is installed. On the other hand, in preparation for a situation where the radar reflection cross section increases by using the split ladder, it also has a function that can use the engine of both wings with different output, and the direction change method is also given the highest priority to maintain stealth property It is changeable.

Not only the aircraft design but also the surface is coated with a special paint that absorbs radio waves and converts it to heat, and also wings absorb radio wavesCarbon fiber reinforced plasticIt is used.

It is B-2 which realizes the highest level of stealthness by such advanced technology, but it is a terrible thing that Nazis · Germany is similar to B - 2 in all wing aircraft "Horten Ho 229It was completed. Production was discontinued because the Nazis Germany lost, but if the practical aircraft was completed earlier, history may have changed.

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