Boeing drills a huge sky art drawing the trajectory of the plane over the continent

Many tests are required for aircraft engines that require reliability. In order to confirm the reliability of a new type of jet engine "Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 TEN" scheduled to be installed in the new model "Boeing 787-10 model"18 hours continuous flyingBoeing had to do a flight that is, not just fly a plane, you have to complete the plan of drawing the trajectory of the Boeing 787 on top of the vast American continent.

Boeing puts a creative twist on skywriting with this meta flight path

This track can be confirmed with 'Flightradar 24' which can record flight of aircraft. Also,Flightradar 24Has created and released a movie like the following.

Boeing's ETOPS test of the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 TEN - YouTube

Flight is in Seattle, WashingtonKing County International Airport, Take off the so-called "Boeing Field" and go eastward one street. By the way, the flight name is "BOE004".

One of the Great Lakes · Aircraft that made a U-turn near Superior Lake will change the course to the southwest.

After that, the aircraft continues to fly along the following trajectory ......

Eventually I drew such a trajectory and went back to the starting point Boeingfield. The flight time of the whole journey is "18 hours 3 minutes", which is generally called super long flight.

Test flight Boeing performed is determined in engine aircraft for mounting the engine 2 group "ETOPSIt is to clear the restriction called ". In the case of a twin-engine, if trouble occurs in the engine during flight, the power of the engine is halved, making an emergency landing at the nearby airport becomes a serious work, and even the engine which was left by any chance stopped Once it crashes, it is inevitable to crash.

In order to avoid such a situation, the twin-engines are subject to restrictions such as "ETOPS-60" which must fly through the airport within 60 minutes, "ETOPS-120" within 120 minutes. In other words, it is difficult for flights on the ocean where the airport does not exist, but in recent years, "ETOPS - 240", "ETOPS - 330", "ETOPS - 370" etc. are accepted due to the improved reliability of the engine As a result, Boeing 777, 787, and Airbus A-350 aircraft are now able to fly offshore.

At the time of article creation, we were able to confirm the trajectory on the Flightrader 24 page as well.

N7874 - Boeing 787 - 8 Dreamliner - Boeing - Flightradar 24

The test machine · Boeing 787-8 (Registration No. N 7874), which flew away from the Boeing Field (BFI), first turned northwest and then turned 180 degrees and headed east.

The aircraft cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet (about 11,300 meters) and a speed of about 970 km will make a large right turn around Michigan State before taking the route to the southwest. What seems red is the route at the time of returning to the destination, and it is displayed in a different color because the altitude is different.

After that, continuing the flight and continuing to draw the shape of the plane 787 - 8 machine. By the way, the flight time at this point is about 6 hours.

The aircraft going south down to the border with Mexico and reaching the tip of the left wing draws the rest of the shape from here.

787 - 8 type machine flying flying while drafting a fuselage. It is likely that you can fly an accurate route so far because you are flying all the way by autopilot.

Raising the altitude to 43,000 feet (about 13,000 meters), the 787 - 8 aircraft, which drew the aircraft, went home for the Boeing Field one way. By the way, the time taken only to draw the aircraft was around 11 hours 30 minutes.

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