How secure airplane is "Airbus A320" that caused the crash?

ByPeter Broster

March 24, 2015, Lufthansa cheap airline company of German aviation "German wings"A320 model manufactured by Airbus Co. crashed in the southeastern part of France, including two Japanese150 passengers pass awayA gruesome accident happened. Safety performance of a passenger aircraft often expressed as "safer than a car", but what is the actual situation like?

A lingering question after Germanwings jet crash: Just how safe is the Airbus A320? - The Washington Post

The A320 machine that caused the accident this time is summarized in the movie by Washington Post.

Airbus A 320 machines are small machines that are often used for near- to mid-range operations. It is an aircraft called "narrow body" with only one passage in the center of the plane, and the capacity is about 150 people.

To what level is the safety performance of A320 reached? According to experts, its safety is ... ...

It is "very high". A 320 has incorporated a computer into the engine and wing control system "High-tech airliner"As with other aircraft, various safety mechanisms are being put up numerous times.

The A320 aircraft debuted with the first commercial flight in 1988. Since then, more than 6000 A320s have been produced by 2015.

Although it is Airbus of European aircraft maker, it is also used in America which is the knee of Boeing company, and it is used many times in legacy carriers such as Delta Airways and United Airlines which are ancient airlines, and Jet Blue which remarkable rise in recent years A320 aircraft are also adopted in LCC airlines such as Virgin America.

And of course it is also used in companies such as Peach Aviation, Vanilla Air, Star Flyer and ANA in Japan.

In such an A320 aircraft, the number of serious accidents that caused one or more dead people occurred is 10 times (about 0.000013%) in the past 80 million flights or more. It can be said that it depends on the viewpoint whether to take this number as much or as less.

In addition, in the case of the B737 series of the same kind of aircraft, it is 73 times (about 0.000042%) against 175 million flights, and numerically A320 is safe to say There is no situation.

Including the accident of German wings this time, it is a serious accident of the A320 aircraft that will be eleven times, but almost all of the causes are caused by human error such as mistake in operation.

Although it is currently under investigation that the accident of this time and the crash accident by the Air-Asia same-type aircraft that occurred in December 2014 is now being investigated, it is clear whether future thing is due to equipment trouble or human error It is likely to be done.

As a serious incident related to the A320 aircraft that did not lead to a death accident, 292 flights of the United States JetBlue occurred in 2005Emergency landing accidentIt is well known. After takeoff, the front wheel was locked as it faced sideways, so that it was impossible to land normally, the state of rubbing the front wheel on the runway and landing while scattering the spark was also relayed on the television and attracted attention It was. In the investigation after the accident, it was said that there was a problem with the assembly of the steering mechanism of the front wheels, and at Airbus we exchanged for the part that took measures.

Also called "miracle of the Hudson River"US Airways 1549 flight lost water accidentIs also one of the serious incidents of the A 320 machine. Although this accident occurred just after takeoff, thrust was lost as birds collided almost simultaneously with two engines. According to the captain's judgment, it was said that the crowd went to the New York - Hudson River, which was close to the airport. The former Air Force pilot who was maneuveringCesley-Salen BurgerThe captain was highly evaluated that he saved a lot of lives with a cool judgment.

In the accident of German Wings this time, it is confirmed that a total of 150 people including six crew members and 144 passengers died. Heike Birnbach, vice president of Lufthansa German Airlines, said, "It is the most tragic period for Lufthansa, it was a dark day in our history," commented at a press conference. It is reported from the accident site that the black box which recorded the details of the flight was collected in the following movie, and in the future it is supposed to investigate the detailed cause in the future.

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