Emergency landing of an airliner, the cause is the coffee spilled by the pilot


During the flight from Chicago in the USA to Frankfurt in Germany, we returned back before the aircraft crossed the Atlantic Ocean and had a riot of emergency landing in Toronto, Canada.

It seems that it was a malfunction of the communication equipment that caused the emergency landing, but what caused it is that there is a possibility that it was coffee spilled by the pilot. Some people may have spilled coffee on their personal computer or electronic equipment and have had a serious eye catching up, but it is surprising that a similar accidental mistake occurred in the cockpit.

Details of the incident are as follows.United Airlines emergency landing in Toronto after pilot spilled coffee all over instruments | Mail Online

The United Airlines 940 flight sailing flights from Chicago to Frankfurt was forced to land an emergency landing in Toronto, Canada, because the pilot spilled coffee. According to a United Air spokesperson, the plane caused trouble in the function of the communication, so the pilot decided it was dangerous to cross the Atlantic as it was and returned.

However, according to Transport Canada, which is responsible for transportation in the Canadian government, the downturn in the airplane actually occurred because the pilot spilled coffee on the communication equipment. Spilled coffee goes into the equipment and sends a signal to inform you that it was hijacked by malfunction. The crew managed to stop the signal somehow, but I decided to land.

Passenger plane after emergency landing.

241 passengers and 14 crewmembers had gone down in Toronto, boarded a couple of planes on a plane and returned to Chicago, stayed overnight at the hotel, and departed to Frankfurt the following morning afternoon .

It is said that United has not confirmed the fact that the pilot spilled coffee, but I also want you to check the cause so that accidents do not happen with similar mistakes again.

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