Uber Eats signs 10-year partnership with self-driving venture, delivery by unmanned delivery robot car starts

Uber Technologies, which handles food delivery service Uber Eats, announced on September 8, 2022 that it has formed a 10-year partnership with self-driving startup Nuro . This will start food delivery by car-sized robots in California and Texas.

Uber and Nuro Announce 10-Year Partnership for Autonomous Food Deliveries Starting in California and Texas

Uber Eats and Nuro sign a 10-year deal to do robot food delivery in California and Texas - The Verge

Uber and Nuro are teaming up for food deliveries via bot | Popular Science

Nuro, which has decided to partner with Uber this time, is a robot company established in 2016 by engineers of Waymo, an automatic driving car development company under Google's parent company Alphabet. We are developing three models called 'P2'.

In particular, two models other than the modified Toyota Prius ``P2'' are ``zero occupant (occupant) autonomous delivery vehicles'' that eliminate the space for human drivers to ride, and the ``R2'' announced in 2020. can carry 24 grocery bags, a total of 500 pounds (about 226 kg), in a vehicle that is one size smaller than a typical passenger car. I was active in the business of transporting supplies to medical institutions fighting the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection.

Automatic driving car 'R2' carrying pharmaceuticals with 'non-contact delivery' will be put into actual combat, aiming to establish delivery that does not contact people-GIGAZINE

Together with Nuro, Uber plans to begin deliveries in Mountain View, Calif. and Houston, Texas in the fall of 2022, before expanding to other areas, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Nuro and Uber share a vision of making everyday life just a little bit easier with technology,” said Noah Zych, Uber’s global head of autonomous mobility and delivery. platform, and this partnership will bring compelling innovation along with the convenience, affordability and reliability that our customers and partners have come to expect.' .

Uber, which aims to deliver by robot, has partnered with companies other than Nuro, and in 2022, it started testing delivery with small robots in partnership with Serve Robotics. In addition, in partnership with Motional, an autonomous driving technology development company, it is said that it will develop a food delivery service using an autonomous driving car in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County.

Uber starts testing `` food delivery by autonomous robots and automatic driving cars ''-GIGAZINE

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