Apple's Electric Vehicle Project "Titan" turned out to employ employees who had quality management at Toyota / Nissan and elsewhere

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In the development project of EV (Electric Vehicle), which is thought to be developed secretly by Apple, "Titan"Make a commercial car appear in 2020Although it is said that it is aimed at goal, it turned out that Apple hired a person who was newly executing an officer at an existing automobile manufacturer.

Apple continues hiring top talent for its electric car project

Apple Hires Auto Industry Veterans - WSJ

Apple hires a car executive, Chrysler's former quality VP | The Verge

It was hired by Apple this time and by the Wall Street JournalWas reportedHe was a senior company employee of the American automaker "Chrysler"Doug BettsMr. Mr. Betz is the person who was in charge of Chrysler's quality control, and Apple is considered to take charge of some role in the project "Titan" by making use of his career.

Mr. Betz was a vice president of Chrysler's quality management until October 2014. Prior to joining Chrysler, Mr. Betz served as a person in charge of quality management for over 20 years with manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota, Michelin and GM I am also a person with a career I have done.

Mr. Betts joined Chrysler in 2007, but the company had a quality problem over the years. It was Mr. Betz who was head-hunted to Chrysler by his skill, but in 2014, it was a quality evaluation magazine published in the United StatesConsumer ReportsLeaving the company to match the timing of the Chrysler car monopolizing the low-order four models by. It is said that it will show a strict attitude towards the performance of executivesSergio MarquiononeIt is also seen as the CEO's intention.

Chrysler Quality Managers Leave the Company, Will Resign as Respondents Due to Sluggish Consumer Ratings | Reuters

According to The Verge, it was said that Betts' LinkedIn account existed and it was stated that it joined Apple, but it was in a state where it was not found at the time of article creation whether it was deleted .

Profile not found | LinkedIn

After the fact that he left Chrysler was also reported in the news, Apple grasps this incident, timely matches with Mr. Betts' career of past maker companies and Apple's required personnel profile, so that this time employment It is considered to have arrived.

In general, it is necessary for development period of at least 5 to 7 years to newly develop a car, and it is difficult to think that Apple's car will appear earlier than 2020. In addition, AppleJudge that he extracted human resources from the automobile battery makerIt seems that the development of cars by Apple is steadily moving forward.

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