"Automatic driving car" by Apple Apple's development plan "Titan" summary of rumors

Since around February 2015, rumors that "Apple is developing automobiles in-house" have been whispered based on movements around Silicon Valley, but collecting the contents reported by multiple media The flow apparently seems to be definite.

Apple's Titan Car Project to Challenge Tesla - WSJ

Apple is working on an electric car, Wall Street Journal reports | The Verge

According to the Wall Street Journal reported on February 13, Apple is proceeding with its own development of electric vehicles in a development project called "Project Titan". It is reported that this project is a project involving employees of about 1000 employees, which Apple's Tim Cook CEO gave out about a year ago.

This project is led by Steve Zadesky, former Ford engineer who has been involved in the development of iPhone and so far so far, and in the past few months, Apple's employees have used Mercedes and BMW A company that was manufacturing a manufacturer's vehicle "Magna · Steyer(Magna Steyr) "I have been visiting.

The reason why Apple is promoting the development of cars is not clear, but The Verge said about the reason "Great success in the consumer electronics field, which has been explodingly growing Apple up to now, We think that we can not maintain without continuing. "

The beginning of the thing was Apple that was reported early February 2015 was a related vehicle.

While Apple is testing a camera full of cameras, is it an automatic driving car development? - GIGAZINE

This vehicle was leased by Apple, with multiple cameras and radar-like devices installed on the roof. As its appearance is very similar to the automated driving car developed by Google, it was speculated that Apple is developing some kind of vehicle in its own company.

To support that movement, The Mac Observer reports that Apple is pulling engineers out of Tesla, a leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer.

Apple Is Working on a Car - The Mac Observer

The Mac Observer's Bryan Chaffin reporter reports on February 10 that Apple is pulling Tesla engineers based on information from its own interview source. It is also reported that Apple offers a transfer fee of 250,000 dollars (about 30 million yen) and 60% salary increase to staff who decided to transfer.

Excellent talent from Apple spills out to Tesla led by Eiron Mask - GIGAZINE

Up to now Apple has been called "car iOS"CarPlay"Although Chaffin reporter compiled information from various sources, it is said that Apple is developing the car itself is" almost 100%. "

CarPlay wireless connection · Google 2 step verification · New pictogram added in "iOS 8.3", and contents of "iOS 9" - GIGAZINE

In addition, Reuters reports on predictions that it is an automatic driving car, not just an EV, that Apple will proceed with development as information from industry sources.

Apple studies self-driving car, auto industry source says | Reuters

A person who is familiar with the automobile industry on condition that it is anonymous "automobile manufacturers will be building a market of automatic driving cars by making vehicles that are connected to the net enabled partial automatic operation.Apple We are interested in every method of evolving cars, including automatic driving technology, "he said. Apple's spokesperson refuses to comment as "not commenting on rumors or mockery".

At this time it is not easy to recognize that there is a clear link between Apple and automotive technology, but as of 2007, many people were thinking "Can mobile make a phone with Apple?" Perhaps it is a situation that is very similar to things. Whether the composition of "Google vs. Apple" that dominates the smartphone industry at the present time will be shaped in the world of automatic driving cars, and whether other forces such as Tesla will rise or take the initiative will be swift It seems that there will be interest in the evolving industry movement.

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