Automobile regulators warn manufacturers to ``do not follow the law on the right to repair'', potentially causing serious safety concerns

The right to repair items purchased by the user themselves without going through the manufacturer's repair service is called the ``

right to repair '', and in the United States, laws are being developed to recognize this right to repair. In the state of Massachusetts, there is a law on the right to repair cars called the 'Automobile Telematics Act', but compliance with this 'causes serious safety concerns', the American automobile safety regulator National trunk line The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has warned major automakers.

US tells automakers not to comply with Massachusetts vehicle data law | Reuters

Feds tell automakers not to comply with Mass. “right to repair” law | Ars Technica

The Massachusetts Automotive Telematics Act mandates open access to vehicle telematics and vehicle-generated data, allowing independent repair shops to access diagnostic data that vehicles send directly to authorized dealers and manufacturers. is.

It is hoped that this will make it easier for independent repairers to repair the vehicle. A 2020 voter poll on whether to vote for the Automotive Telematics Act overwhelmingly approved the bill, and the state is making progress toward enforcing the law. I was.

However, NHTSA has released a letter to about 20 major automakers asking them to comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards instead of the Automotive Telematics Act. The letter is open to approximately 20 major automakers, including General Motors, Tesla, Ford, Toyota, Rivian, Volkswagen and others.

``NHTSA expects automakers to fully comply with federal safety obligations,'' citing conflicts between the Massachusetts Automotive Telematics Act and federal automotive safety standards, NHTSA said. .

NHTSA said, ``Using open access (based on the Massachusetts Automotive Telematics Act), dangerous attacks such as malicious attackers remotely controlling vehicles or attacking multiple vehicles at the same time are possible. There is a possibility, ”he said, citing potential problems with automakers’ compliance with the Massachusetts Automotive Telematics Act.

'Open access to automakers' telematics products with the ability to send commands remotely will allow remote control of vehicle systems, including safety-critical functions such as steering, acceleration and braking. It will be like this.”

Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell said, 'Consumers and independent repairers have a right to know.' In response, NHTSA said, ``Some automakers have expressed their intention to invalidate the Automotive Telematics Act.''

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation , an industry group representing major automakers, has filed a lawsuit to block the enactment of the Massachusetts Automotive Telematics Act and has asked the court to issue a temporary injunction.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation warns that automakers must 'remove critical cybersecurity protections from vehicles' to comply with the Automotive Telematics Act.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation declined to comment on NHTSA's letter.

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