Microsoft's lightweight mobile PC 'Surface Laptop Go 3' benchmark review that covers both work and play

I installed Geekbench, a standard benchmark software, and Passmark PerformanceTest, which allows you to easily compare the scores of 5 items such as CPU, with those of other PCs on Microsoft's '

Surface Laptop Go 3 ' and measured its performance.

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First, I installed the standard CPU/GPU benchmark software ' Geekbench 6 '. The specifications of the Surface Laptop Go 3 reviewed this time are that the CPU is Intel Core i5-1235U (base clock 2.50GHz) and the memory is 16GB. The OS is Windows 11 Home (64-bit version).

When I ran the CPU benchmark, the single-core score was 1634 and the multi-core score was 6283.

The details of the single-core benchmark results are as follows.

The details of the multi-core benchmark results are as follows.

When using Vulkan as the API in the GPU benchmark, the score is 15485.

The score details are like this.

When using OpenCL as the API in the GPU benchmark, the score was 11809.

The score details were as follows.

Next, we performed a benchmark with '

PassMark PerformanceTest '.

The overall score was '3607', and the percentile (the higher the number, the higher) was 41%.

The score was compared to similar business notebook PCs such as 'VAIO SX12 (model released in October 2020)', 'Let'snote CF-SV9 (model released in January 2019)', and 'Surface Laptop 5 (released in October 2022)'. 'Compared with 'Surface Go 4 (announced in September 2023)' it looks like this. It has a score slightly higher than Surface Laptop 5.

The CPU benchmark score is '12572' and the percentile is 49%.

Since the installed CPU is Intel Core i5-1235U, the score is lower than the higher-ranking Surface Laptop 5 equipped with Intel Core i7-1255U, but it is better than the other four models.

The 2D graphics benchmark score is '435'. The percentile is 37%.

Intel Iris Xe Graphics is the same as the Surface Laptop 5, but scores 65 points higher.

The 3D graphics benchmark score is '2336'. Percentile is 28%.

In 2D, it was 406 points lower than the superior Surface Laptop 5.

The memory benchmark score is '2220'. Percentile is 28%.

Ranked 4th out of 5 models compared.

The disk benchmark score is '15893'. Percentile is 58%.

The result was close to Let'snote CF-SV9, which is equipped with Samsung's 256GB SSD.

In addition, we will summarize the heat generation, exhaust noise, battery life, etc. in the next article.


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