Elon Musk is sued by regulatory agency for illegally firing former Twitter employee

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has filed a complaint alleging that Elon Musk, who bought Twitter and renamed it X , illegally fired the company's employees.

Elon Musk's X illegally fired employee who challenged RTO plans: NLRB

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The NLRB is an independent administrative agency of the federal government that enforces major labor-related laws, such as the right to organize, the right to collective bargaining, and the prohibition of unfair labor practices, based on the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The NLRB has released the first formal complaint against X for illegally firing an employee who criticized the former Twitter management's policy to abolish remote work.

The San Francisco branch of the NLRB said, ``Musk violated the NLRA by firing Yao Yue, who was the company's chief software engineer, in late October 2022, when he became CEO of the former Twitter.'' I filed the complaint on Friday, October 13th. The NLRB alleges that 'Mr. Yue was angered by the sudden change in the former Twitter's labor requirements and illegally fired Mr. Yue, who attempted to organize other employees.'

The former Twitter announced in 2020

that it would allow employees to work remotely permanently even after the coronavirus pandemic ends . However, it was reported that after Mr. Mask acquired Twitter, he immediately revoked this policy and banned remote work. In addition, it has been reported that Mr. Musk sent an e-mail to employees at electric car manufacturer Tesla, telling them to `` quit if you don't return to the office, '' making it clear that he is a strong opponent of remote work. Masu.

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According to the NLRB, Musk told Twitter's employees after acquiring Twitter, ``If you can physically make it to the office but don't show up, we will assume you have accepted your resignation,'' and that in principle they will work remotely. Apparently they told me that it would be prohibited.

'Managers who falsely claim that their employees are doing a great job or that their roles are essential, whether remote or not, will be fired,' Musk said. It has also been revealed that the email was sent to employees.

However, some Twitter employees expressed ``concern and anger'' over the abolishment of remote work. One of them was Yue, who posted on his Twitter account, ``Don't quit, let him (Musk) fire you. There's literally nothing to be gained from resigning.'' In addition, he posted a message on the company's Slack channel saying, ``Please don't fire me,'' protesting Mr. Musk's policy.

Many of Yue's Twitter colleagues responded to Yue's message, according to the NLRB complaint, but Musk ordered his management to scan online posts and Slack posts to determine who should be fired. He was giving instructions to his team.

Yue was fired from the company five days after tweeting on Twitter. The reason for his dismissal was said to be ``because he violated an unspecified number of company regulations.''

The complaint also states, ``Ms. Yue believes that Twitter selected her for termination in retaliation for her attempts to organize to prevent her co-workers from being fired; They claim that this is because they will no longer be able to establish a legal footing to challenge their separation from employment.'

Based on these facts, the NLRB asserted that ``the former Twitter obstructed, restrained, and coerced employees from exercising the rights guaranteed to them under the NLRA.''

When Yue was fired from Twitter, he said, ``After an amazing 12 years and 3 weeks of turmoil, I have been officially fired from Twitter. I never thought I would stay this long.'' , I never thought I would feel so relieved after quitting,' she wrote.

The NLRB seeks 'full relief to Mr. Yue for direct or foreseeable monetary damages and other damages sustained as a result of Defendants' illegal conduct.' A public hearing on this matter is scheduled to be held in San Francisco, USA on January 30, 2024.

In addition, X is also facing a series of lawsuits stemming from large-scale layoffs it carried out immediately after acquiring Twitter, including targeting women and workers with disabilities, and It has been pointed out that the company has not paid the promised retirement benefits.

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