Twitter temporarily closes headquarters due to hundreds of retirements

Elon Musk, who took office as CEO on November 1, 2022, has temporarily closed the headquarters office for employees until the 21st on Twitter, which is undergoing a large-scale personnel reduction , and will not be able to access badges. I found that an announcement was made when access was suspended.

Briefing: Twitter Temporarily Closes Offices as Hundreds Depart Company — The Information

'Sabotage'-Shy Elon Musk Boards Up Twitter Offices Until Monday as Remaining Staff Flock to Quit, Report Says

In an email sent to employees, Twitter warned that ``all office buildings will be temporarily closed and access to badges will be suspended,'' according to Zoë Schiffer of news site Platformer. I'm here.

Although the reason for the closure has not been disclosed, Mr. Mask made a harsh remark , ``Determine whether to accept or quit the hardcore workplace by tomorrow,'' and sent it within two hours after the deadline. Since it was done, there is also a view that 'Mr. Mask and others are afraid of sabotage in the office.' Musk and his team are also compiling a list of employees who have decided to stay on Twitter and are trying to locate them.

On the other hand, former Twitter employee Alex Cohen reveals that Mr. Musk has slightly relaxed his job regulations and is also trying to retain employees.

In the midst of this confusion, Mr. Mask tweeted, 'How to make a little money on social media? Start with the big things.'

Alejandra Caraballo, a law firm, fears that Twitter will not last until the weekend of the World Cup because of the heavy burden on employees who remain at the company.

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