Since Twitter account can be shared from TweetDeck with password undocumented, it is possible to use it.

Twitter official client application "TweetDeck"Multiple people can now share accounts while keeping the password of Twitter account private. Twitter accounts are often used for corporate or team PR, so if accounts can be shared while keeping passwords private, more secure account management for multiple people will be possible.


Twitter Help Center | Using Team Accounts with TweetDeck

Log in to TweetDeck from the link above. Even if you do not have a dedicated account on TweetDeck, you can log in if you have a Twitter account.

When you log in for the first time, there is confirmation as to whether Twitter account is operated by plural people, so if you are using alone, "No, only me" if you are using multiple people, "Yes, me and Click on others on my team.

Click "Get started".

This is the screen of TweetDeck.

Tweet from the blue icon on the top left of the screen.

Searchable from loupe icon.

Below the loupe icon is "Home (home screen)" "Notifications" "Messages" "Activity" from the top, "Add column" at the bottom.

If you click "Add column" you can add your favorite icon to the left side of the screen.

Also, click "Collapse" on the left side of the screen and the leftmost menu part will be displayed larger.

If you want to use Twitter account at the same time by multiple people, click on the leftmost humanoid icon and click "Team @ account name".

As the text box is displayed, enter the Twitter account of the person you want to share the Twitter account with.

Then click "Authorize" and the account sharing application is completed.

When you open TweetDeck with Twitter account on the side where you applied for sharing, you will see "1" in the "Accounts" section and click on it.

Then an account different from your account will be displayed, such as "Share this Twitter account", so click "Accept" if you want to share it together.

Then you will see something other than your Twitter account on the screen where you can see the Twitter account. With this, you can share your Twitter account with others without having to tell you a password.

From the side that shared the Twitter account, it is possible to manage the authority of the person who granted the usage right at any time. Click "Change role" if you want to change the other's permissions.

From here change the permissions to either "Contributor (only tweet enabled)" and "Admin (can manage tweets and teams)", or click "Remove from team" to permanently deprive the account's authority You can easily do it.

It is very easy to share the usage rights of Twitter account, so passwords will not be known to other people even after sharing, so it is possible to use such as allowing accounts to be used only for a very short period of time. However, since accounts sharing Twitter accounts in this way can not be used via TweetDeck, everyone in the team needs to use TweetDeck.

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