Pizza Hut's dessert pizza ``Utaha's Vanilla Caramel Bread'' topped with Godiva ice cream was an exquisite pizza with crispy hot caramel and cool ice cream that melted in your mouth.

On October 16, 2023 , Utaha's Vanilla Caramel Bread , a dessert pizza made with caramel-coated bread dough and topped with ice cream , and the Rich Kaz Laser 4, topped with crunchy cheese and steamy potatoes, will be released on October 16, 2023. It has been added to the Pizza Hut lineup for a limited time from (Monday) to October 31, 2023 (Tuesday). I was curious about the taste of pizza with ice cream and pizza with special ears, so I actually ordered and tried it.

Great set for Halloween parties | Pizza Hut

Order the ``Halloween Exciting 2 Piece Set'', which includes 2 pieces of ``Utaha's Vanilla Caramel Bread'' and ``Rich Kaz Laser 4 with Deep Potatoes,'' from the official website. This time it was 3750 yen including tax including delivery fee.

In about 30 minutes, ``Utaha's Vanilla Caramel Bread'' and ``Rich Kazu Laser 4 with Deep Potatoes'' arrived. ``Utaha's vanilla caramel bread'' comes with ``

GODIVA ice cream (vanilla & cacao essence) '' for topping.

When I opened ``Utaha's Vanilla Caramel Bread'', there was a thick circular bread dough divided into 8 pieces.

The surface of the bread dough is coated with caramel.

Scoop out Godiva ice cream with a spoon and add topping.

When I put the ice cream on the bread dough, the ice cream started to melt due to the heat. I was planning to eat it after topping all 8 slices with ice cream, but since the ice cream melts with great force, it seems better to eat it immediately after topping.

When you eat it, the hot bread dough and cold ice cream mix, and you can feel a pleasant temperature difference in your mouth. The caramel coating has a crunchy texture, and the interesting thing about it is that it makes a 'crispy' sound every time you put it in your mouth. The ice cream and caramel coating have a strong sweetness, but the bread dough wrapped in the coating has a modest sweetness, so the overall sweetness of the pizza was well-balanced.

It is also good that the ice cream has a succulent texture when it melts.

'Rich Kazu Laser 4 with Potatoes in the Corner' is a combination of four types of pizza topped with crunchy cheese and steamy potatoes. The four types of pizza, clockwise from the top left, are ``Deluxe,'' ``Pizza Hut Margherita,'' ``Camembert Luxury Meat Sauce,'' and ``Special Bulgogi.''

When you approach the ear part, it looks like this. You can see that it is topped with cheese and square potatoes.

First of all, I will try eating from deluxe. The parts other than the worms have the classic flavor of cheese, pepperoni salami, onion, green pepper, and bacon.

The fried potatoes are topped with a crunchy surface and a fluffy interior. People tend to think of the pizza rim as ``a simple part to rest your tongue when eating a richly flavored pizza,'' but by topping it with potatoes, even the rim has a main character.

Pizza Hut Margherita is a simple structure that allows you to enjoy the taste of cheese and tomato. When the ingredients are so simple, the potato-topped tuna feels like a very heavy food.

From the name of Camembert's luxurious meat sauce, I thought, ``Will I be able to enjoy the rich taste of Camembert cheese?'', but when I actually tried it, the main flavor was sweet white sauce. The taste of the white sauce was quite rich, so the taste of the potatoes on top felt relatively light.

The delicious bulgogi also has a strong taste of mayonnaise and bulgogi, so the potato filling feels like it plays a supporting role. The overall impression of ``Early Potato Rich Kaz Laser 4'' is ``a heavy arrangement of Pizza Hut's four standard pizza types,'' so if you like Pizza Hut's standard menu, it is definitely a pizza that you can enjoy.

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