Amazon was making an educational video claiming that ``labor unions pose a danger to employees'' in order to crush labor unions.

It has been reported that Amazon

is giving instructions on how to oppose unionization votes and sending union-busting spies to the field in order to prevent unionization. In 2018, an ``educational video created by Amazon to crush labor unions'' was leaked, making it clear that Amazon is trying to prevent the formation of labor unions.

Amazon's Union-Busting Training Video (LONG VERSION) - YouTube

Amazon has frequently been reported to have employees working in poor conditions. For example, it has been reported that Amazon warehouse workers have twice the injury rate compared to their peers, and Amazon delivery drivers also cut down on bathroom breaks to meet strict quotas. Testimonies from workers reveal that they have no choice but to urinate into plastic bottles.

Amazon official denies the problem that ``Amazon drivers are too busy and urinate in plastic bottles'', and a large amount of evidence is released immediately - GIGAZINE

In addition, Amazon's labor problems have affected not only blue workers but also white workers, and a software engineer who worked at Amazon said, ``I was sent a design document in the middle of the night and was told to submit the work by morning.'' Testimonies such as ``I was called in at 2 a.m. on a Saturday morning,'' and ``Half of the team quit within a month and a half and I was forced to take over the job.'' are also emerging.

Software engineer testifies about Amazon's harsh working environment - GIGAZINE

Some workers at Amazon are attempting to form a union to demand better working conditions. However, Amazon is trying to prevent the formation of labor unions in various ways, and in 2018, an educational video to prevent the formation of labor unions was produced for employees at Whole Foods Market, an Amazon-affiliated supermarket. ' was leaked. The following movie is a highlight version of the leaked educational video.

Amazon's Union-Busting Training Video - YouTube

In an educational video, Amazon says, ``We believe unions are not in the interests of our customers, shareholders, and most importantly, our employees,'' making clear our opposition to unions. 'It would be a disadvantage to employees as well,' he said.

Furthermore, Amazon says, ``Our business model is built on concepts that have nothing to do with the work environment, such as speed, innovation, and customer centricity.If you lose sight of these important points, you 's jobs and the jobs of their co-workers are at risk.'' He also argues that ``forming a union'' directly puts ``workers at risk.''

In 2021, a vote was held at Amazon's warehouse 'BHM1' to form Amazon's first labor union, but there were 3,215 voters out of approximately 5,800 employees, of which 738 were in favor and 738 were against. With 1,798 votes cast, the union was not formed. Amazon's anti-union campaign appears to be having some effect.

Amazon's vote on forming a labor union ended in ``Amazon's big victory'', Amazon's first labor union formation failed - GIGAZINE

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