Data that Amazon employees are injured much more often than their competitors

Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), a non-profit organization to improve the working environment, has released data that Amazon warehouse workers are injured much more often than employees working at competitors. ..

Primed for Pain --Strategic Organizing Center

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Amazon workers injured on the job far more often than competitors

Study: Amazon workers injured at higher rates than rival companies

According to data released by SOC, 5.9 out of 100 Amazon warehouse workers will be 'seriously injured' in 2020 and will be forced to 'take a break from work (2.6)' or 'work lightly.' (3.3 people) '. On the other hand, Amazon's competitor Wal-Mart was seriously injured in 2.6 out of 100 people. In addition, the rate of serious injuries to all non-Amazon warehouse workers is 3.3 out of 100, which means that Amazon warehouse workers are 80% more seriously injured than other warehouse workers.

'Amazon's obsession with speed has cost a lot of employees,' said SOC. 'It's time to hold Amazon accountable for the dangerous working conditions that Amazon creates and continues to ignore.' , Amazon's warehouse workers are accused of high injuries. A total of more than 27,000 Amazon warehouse workers were injured in 2020.

Amazon employees have been talking about high workplace injuries for years, and in 2019 more than 100 workers at Amazon's warehouse on

Staten Island in New York Bay said, 'Amazon is at work. We treat the safety of Staten Island as a secondary concern. '

Amazon's warehouse workers aren't the only ones dissatisfied with the working environment. By 2020, 9.7 out of 100 Amazon delivery drivers will be seriously injured at work. On the other hand, the serious injury rate of UPS, a competitor in logistics, was 6.5 out of 100.

In addition, it is reported that Amazon's delivery driver is forced to pee in a plastic bottle because it is too hard work.

Amazon drivers are forced to 'pee in a plastic bottle' due to hard work --GIGAZINE

Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said he did not object to the SOC's published report, but said he was taking steps to reduce employee injuries.

The Washington Post, which was acquired by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos , will work in Amazon's warehouse in the United States based on the latest data surveyed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within the US Department of Labor, not SOC data. For 200,000 employees (equivalent to 100 full-time employees for a year), the serious injury rate was reported to be 5.9. This is the same serious injury rate as the data published by SOC.

Amazon's OSHA data shows its workers injured at higher rates than rival companies --The Washington Post

The graph below summarizes the serious injury rate of Amazon warehouse workers and other warehouse workers released by the Washington Post based on OSHA data. The data is published from 2017 to 2020, and while Amazon's warehouse workers have seen lower injuries, they remain about twice as high as other warehouse workers.

Among Amazon's warehouses, the following five have the highest injury rates. 'Rate since 2017' is the average value since 2017.

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