``The email sent by Apple's CEO Tim Cook to employees is a violation of labor law,'' an independent agency in the United States decides

by Antonio Marín Segovia

It has been reported that Apple, one of the world's leading technology companies, is interfering with the formation of labor unions by employees of the Apple Store, which is a physical store, and there are voices raising concerns about the treatment of employees. Newly, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB / National Labor Relations Board) , an independent organization in the United States, said that various work rules imposed on employees by Apple and emails sent by Tim Cook CEO has violated the National Labor Relations Act , which protects the rights of

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Apple's leaked email about stopping leaks violated labor laws

Apple's internal policies and emails from Mr. Cook, which became a problem this time, are former engineering program manager Ashley , who spoke out about gender discrimination and safety issues at Apple in 2021 and was asked to take an 'indefinite leave of absence'. It was brought to NLRB by Gjøvik .

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Gjøvik cites Apple's employee handbook, which forbids staff from disclosing 'business information,' talking to reporters, revealing co-workers' salaries, and posting disrespectful tweets. It is said that there is. It has been noted that these items may have violated the National Labor Relations Act, which is overseen by the NLRB.

In addition, the content of the email sent by CEO Cook to all employees in September 2021 is also being viewed as a problem. In the email, Cook reported that employees were complaining about ``the content of the meeting being leaked to reporters.'' “Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to identify the person who leaked it. We know that the leaker is a minority, and we also understand that the person who leaked confidential information is not suitable for this company, ''he said, leaking confidential information. insisted on strict action against

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Overseas media Bloomberg said that at an internal meeting held the week before Cook's email was sent, executives were asked questions about pay fairness and the abortion ban law in Texas. has been reported by the media .

In an email sent to Bloomberg on Jan. 30, 2023, Kayla Blado, a spokesperson for NLRB, said the NLRB's legal department has raised collective action rights by employees about various work rules Apple has imposed on employees. It said it judged the exercise to be 'tendency to hinder, inhibit, and suppress.' In addition, the NLRB also acknowledged that the claim that 'the statements and actions of Apple executives, including CEO Cook, also violate the National Labor Relations Act,' is true. Blado said the NLRB's regional director will file a complaint against the company if Apple does not agree to the settlement.

American Labor Relations Law protects the right of workers to communicate with each other and to take collective action on workplace issues. The NLRB does not have the power to impose punitive damages against companies or hold corporate executives personally liable, but it can order companies to change workplace policies. Is possible. Additionally, if you file a complaint, it will be reviewed by an administrative law judge.

The NLRB has long been concerned about Apple's practices, and in December 2022, it determined that Apple's actions to interfere with employee union formation violated labor laws.

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